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When A Bard Meets A Girl

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Dream Watchers
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Nathaniel's bunny slippers were thrown to the side, slightly dusty from the ground in the training ring, as Nathaniel hunched over and placed his hands on his kneecap. He gasped for breath, shaking his head and holding a finger up to Nightmare as if to say "One minute please". The beautiful ukulele was next to him on the ground, but it looked still as if it were brand new and hadn't just been violently played on for the past few hours. "Look", Nathaniel said, taking in another gasp of air before looking up at Nightmare, "Sugar, I'm not made out for exercise. Have you seen me? Do I look like I.. ", a dramatic pose, blowing a kiss to Nightmare, "..exercise at all?". Bending down, Nathaniel grabbed his ukulele, grabbing it by the neck of the instrument and walking over, slipping his dirty bunny slippers on and grabbing his rumpled clipboard. Nightmare didn't acknowledge him, but led him up the stairs and to a bright pink door. The door definitely matched the sugar sweet little girl that he saw before. Calling after Nightmare, he yelled "Have a good night Sugar!", before turning and opening the door, slipping inside.

As soon as he opened the door, Sweet Dreams was there to greet him. He opened his mouth to speak, but the girl excitedly took his arm, while he clutched the ukulele and paperwork with his hands, and led him through the room. It was as if he wandered into the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Everything looked delicious and his stomach growled for a second at the sight at all of the sweets. "Am I able to eat som-", but the girl stopped at some beanbag chairs and sunk down. Nathaniel followed suit, accidentally strumming a few strings on his ukulele as he settled in. Placing the belongings next to him on the beanbag, he looked at Sweet Dreams. She pulled out a map and excitedly showed him places, before stopping at The Edge and issuing a warning. Nathaniel knew, at that moment, that he wanted to go to The Edge. He was always that kid growing up who would say "I'll show you" when someone told him not to do something. This has led to a lot of bruises, broken bones, scratches, and other ailments.

At the mention of a medallion, Nathaniel parted his lips and stood with his mouth agape as he thought. He looked, rather silly. "Umm," Nathaniel started, his Southern drawl add just a bit of twang to it, "I mean.. it can be anything on the medallion? I want it to say "Gangsta" ", Nathaniel smiled, indents forming in his cheeks as he smiled, his eyes crinkling. "I mean, I gotta represent, you know?".

Sweet Dream

The Guardians
Sweet Dream hummed to herself as she patiently waited for the Dreamer she had seen with Nightmare. She heard her door make a soft creak and dashed to the door, almost instantly appearing in front of it as it opened reviewing the human. This human interested her, there was something about him that was different from others she had met. No matter! She would befriend this one as well. Sweet nearly squealed in excitement as she grabbed onto Nathaniel and pulled him along. She could have sworn he was going to say something, but she ignored him as plopped down on her beanbag chair.

She went through her spiel and took note of the slight glint in his eye when she mentioned The Edge. But she continued on, explaining that he was able to request a medallion. She nodded enthusiastically when he asked if the medallion could be anything. But then he made his request. Sweet’s bright blue eyes squinted, silently questioning his decision. She pondered this for a moment. Was she really going to make a ‘Gangsta’ medallion? Her eyes went dark for a moment, “Are you kidding me?” She snapped throwing her arms up in the air. “Why would I ever make such an odd medallion?!” Sweet got to her feet, placing her hands firmly on her hips. “You just think I can’t do it, don’t you?” She questioned, relaxing her tone, tilting her head to the side. “Challenge accepted, sir!” She said promptly before turning on her heel and skipping to her workstation.

“Hmm…” she pondered before getting started. It was true, she didn’t have much experiencing with making lettered jewelry, but she was determined to prove this guy wrong, she could accomplish whatever she put her mind to! Sweet fashioned a golden medallion with the word “Gangsta” in cursive lettering, studded with a jewel that looked similar to diamonds. Once completed, she smiled brightly, taking an extra look at her creation and connected a chain to the word before bounding back over toward Nathaniel. She held out her hand excitedly, “Told you I could do it!” She said almost smugly.

“I hope you like it,” Sweet said excitedly. She took a step back and smiled at her handy work. A huge smile appeared once more on her face, knowing there was more to the medallion than meets the eye, but she figured she would let be a little secret, at least for now. “Well, that’s all I have for you! It looks like you’ve met with all of the Guardians! CONGRATULATIONS!” She said as confetti started to fall from the ceiling in celebration. She giggled and clapped her hands before taking your hand in hers and pulling you gently toward the door.

“Now it’s time to go back to Agent Aisling to submit your paperwork. Don’t forget to write that you received a medallion!” Sweet showed you back to the door and pointed back down the hall you had originally come from. “Just follow the hall until you get back to the office. Let Agent Aisling know that you’re done with your paper work and then go have fun and explore! But remember,” she stopped, her face getting dark, “do not go to The Edge.” Sweet’s smile returned, “Come by any time!” She giggled before shutting her door behind you.

**At this time, return to your character sheet in The Office. Once complete, change your prefix to [Check] to indicate you have done all of your final editing.**​
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