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Open "What the Fuck is That?!"


Dream Weavers
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How could he feel so exhausted and yet so restless at the same time? His free hand rubbed against his face as his shoes dragged along the dirt ground. Where in the Hell was he? Landon's blue eyes looked around, the setting sun blinding him briefly as it peaked between the trees. Remembering back to Sweet's description of the area and considering the trees, he deduced he had made it to the forest.

It was peaceful, almost calming to his mind as he took a deep inhale of the fresh air. He couldn't remember the last time he was in a deep forest like this. He scanned the area, trying to find a decent place that he could practice with his throw. This was the reason he was out there after all. Landon found a spot that had a small clearing where there was a large boulder and large trees.

He pulled off the leather jacket he had on and laid it on the large rock before sitting beside it. It has been a miracle he had managed to find any books on throwing knives from the bookstore. The place was huge and after getting distracted by the other Dreamer he had run into, he had no idea that he'd ever find what he was looking for. But his determination pain off.

Landon scanned the book, reading about different techniques and trying to determine what would be best for him. Landon got to his feet and stretched for a moment before rechecking the page he was on. He pulled one of the knives out, allowing the fading light to reflect off of it as he got into the position he had learned from Nightmare. He took a deep breath and readied himself to throw the knife.

A rustling sound came from behind him, catching his attention. He tried to brush it off, but it came again. His hand dropped as he turned quickly. "Hello?" He called. No response. His eye darted around, landing on a dark figure, which almost looked like it could be a wild animal, a large wolf perhaps? Sweet did say there was wildlife in the woods. "What the fuck is that?" He questioned softly to himself, as he readied himself. Landon took a breath before throwing the knife, it left his hand and he waited to see if and what he would hit.
For the past week, shooting pain had spread down Gabriel's back. His shoulders had grown stiff as two small yet muscular growths began to sprout from between his shoulder blades. His wings were beginning to grow from his back. Gabriel has decided to go to the forest to try to find a clearing to do some stretches or work out. It would be peaceful and get Gabriel out of his house which still slightly smelt like Nathaniel. It was hard to stay in his home with it smelling so sweet.

Gabriel had dressed in a tank top and shorts with some nice hiking boots. A pair of running shoes were slung over his shoulder and he held a water bottle in the other hand. He enjoyed the walk so far. The birdsong around him was comforting to listen too. Until it stopped as an unseen person shouted at Gabriel. Suddenly a throwing knife whizzed passed Gabriel and thunked into a tree next to him. Gabriel stared at it and then turned his head to look in the direction it came from. His eyes narrowed as he spotted a figure in the clearing. Gabriel grabbed the throwing knife and headed to the clearing.

Gabriel halted when he got into the clearing. He narrowed his eyes at the man in front of him. Gabriel held the throwing knife close, not yet trusting this stranger. "Careful."


Dream Weavers
Staff member
His crystal blue eyes watched as the knife whizzed past another figure in the distance. Missing the target, but at least burrowing itself into a nearby tree. He sighed, partially out of frustration, partially because he would have been gutted if he had actually hit the new stranger and potentially killed him. Landon eyed the man as he approached slowly. He hadn’t seen him before, but to be fair, he hadn’t really meant anyone in Dream City aside from Anatol at this point and The Guardians. His eyes shot to his knife that the man had grabbed out of the tree.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he replied with a soft laugh as his hand ran down the back of his neck. “I was just trying these things out,” Landon said, nodding toward the knife Gabriel had in his hand. “My weapon choice from Nightmare,” he explained, “I’m still trying to figure out how to use them. I figured the Forest would be the best place to practice. I didn’t think anyone else would be out here.” Landon shifted his weight slightly, making sure not to make any sudden movements, just in case.

He didn’t trust the man before him; though, he seemed like he would be another Dreamer like The Guardians were telling him about. “Listen,” he said taking a small, slow step forward, “can I have my knife back?” He said pointing to it. “I’m Landon, by the way,” he said introducing himself, flashing a charming smiling in hopes of gaining some trust.
Gabriel looked at Landon with his own pale blue eyes as he held the knife. He looked the man over. He was large and tall. Gabriel could take him on in a fight if needed but it would be tough to do so. At least the throwing knife hadn't been buried deep into his shoulder. He held the knife in his hand and rubbed his thumb on the handle, getting a feel for the grip.

"It's alright." Gabriel tossed the knife in the air and caught it easily. "Practice is the best way you can understand a blade. Understanding the balance you need to use to thrust it into your enemy. Or throw in your case."

Gabriel smiled at Landon and gave him the throwing knife. He unsheathed Talroth from the sheath on his back and held it in his hands. He slowly turned the blade in the sunlight. "My own choice from Nightmare. Or rather the blade that chose me. I was drawn to him in ways I can't explain."

Gabriel turned Talroth in his hands, glancing at Landon. "Gabriel Lawrence. I didn't expect anyone else to be out here either." He admitted with a small laugh.