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Welcome to Sweet Boutique!

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Sweet Dream

The Guardians
“You did okay today…for a human. Feel free to come by and train with me or anyone else you come across later. We’ll have you fighting in battles soon enough,” he said with a grunt. “Uh…you better go find Sweet. She may seem perky and nice, but you don’t want to make her angry. Come on,” he said as he led you back the way you came, out to the hallway. You follow behind him, making sure not to get hit by his tail. Soon, you find yourself standing in front of a bright pink door with white accents. “Have fun,” he muttered before disappearing into the shadows.
You go to open the door when it swings open. You look down to see Sweet standing there with a large smile on her face. She grabs you by the hand and pulls you in. “I am SO happy you came to see me!” She squeals. The room was decorated in all pink and white, there were tables of candy and other sugary desserts lining the walls. She plopped down on a large beanbag chair and motions for you to take the one beside her.
“So! I know it must be scary for you to be here, not knowing about anything or anyone! But don’t worry, you have me and the other Guardians and Felicity of course!” She said quickly as if she were on a sugar high. From out of nowhere, she pulled out a large map, “THIS, is Dream City,” she explained. “You are here!” She said with a giggle pointing at Twilight Tower, “but there is a lot more to see when you leave here. There’s Downtown, where you can find our restaurants, shopping and all sorts of fun things to do! Then there the Suburbs, you’ll find a place to live there, if you like. It’s probably the calmest place to visit and where people go to relax. And then when you leave Dream City you have the Forest, the Clearing and…” she paused and her face grew dark “The Edge.” She folded up the map and hands it to you. “Don’t go to The Edge alone, it’s very scary there and no one is quite sure what’s there. Nightmare is probably the only one who knows it to the fullest extent. We’re pretty sure that’s where he comes from,” she said lightening up once more with a giggle.
“Now, I don’t have anything to really offer you like Proph or Nightmare, but how about…a medallion! I make my own jewelry, it’s the least I can do! And there might be a little something special attached to it,” she said with a wink. You go to comment, but she stops you, “no it’s not in your paperwork and we can just keep this our little secret! If anyone asks, just tell them it was a present!” She said with a bright smile. “What would you like your medallion to look like?”

*Create a thread in The Sweet Boutique to interact with Sweet.*​
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