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Welcome to Artist Alley!

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Hello all!

So besides, obviously, our love for writing, some of us have other art-based hobbies that we love. I thought we could all share our art in this new forum! 

To share your art with the rest of Dream City, post a thread in this forum, titled whatever you'd like, and just post your art there! If some of your work will be NSFW, make sure to title your thread as NSFW. We aren't trying to have anyone get into trouble. I.e. "Fay's Art[NSFW]"

If you have multiple avenues of art that you pursue, you can either make an individual thread for each type of art or just have one thread where you post everything of yours, no matter the medium. This choice is up to you.

What you post is up to you, but this can include:

  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Drawn art
  • Songs/music that you've written, composed, sung, etc.
  • Videos that you've edited
  • Anything that you've made that you are proud of
So post your work and have fun!
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