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General Vacations


Dream Weavers
Staff member
Everyone loves a good vacation! They're relaxing, take you away from you everyday life for a while and can be just plain fun. Where are your favorite places you've taken vacations to? Where are some places you would like to go? Who do you like going on vacation on with? Tell us about your vacation dreams!


Never really went away for one. I do take time off work every summer. We usually just do stuff in the area. Usually go to this place where you can get readings and stuff like that.


New member
I was meant to be going on holiday in March but the coronavirus outbreak had that cancelled :(. Not sure how long it will be before we can fly again and how long it will take everything to get back to normal. I really want to visit Iceland and New York (during the Christmas rush).


New member
I went to Morocco about 2 years ago. Beautiful country; would love to visit again. I'm planning on going to Spain sometime in the next 2 years!


Once this is all over, I'm planning a vacation, preferably across Europe! I want to visit Norway again so I may make a stop there first. I made some friends last time I visited so planning to see them again as arranged!


We usually took our vacation to visit my in-laws up north. We used to go in my parents' fifth wheel couple times in a summer but haven't in years due to my dad's declining health.