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The Descendants


Dream Weavers
Staff member
“Have you ever had that dream where you felt like you were supposed to be somewhere? Like something is calling you and telling you that you need to be at this place at this time or the world would end?” Her crystal blue eyes blinked as a pair of big brown eyes stared at her, blinking in confusion. Suddenly, a large, wet tongue connected with the front of her face, causing her to laugh and lay back on her plush bed. “Just me huh?” She asked as she looked over at her black lab, Rufus, with a smile. Sadie Brant was a typical twenty-year old woman, who just happened to have a reoccurring dream that kept telling her to go places. Not places, a very specific place. This had been going on for nearly a month, but she had managed to ignore it. She had too much other stuff going on. But her classes were done for the summer, so she had nothing else to distract her from this…pull.

That’s what it felt like. Like she was being pulled by some invisible force and as the days had gone on, the more intense it had become. Sadie lay in her bed, her pale hands crossed over her stomach as she stared at the ceiling, allowing her thoughts to wonder. “What do you think, Rufus? What do I do?” She questioned absentmindedly. He barked loudly before climbing into bed with her, his black fur soft against her skin. She placed her hand on his head, petting him softly. It felt like she didn’t have a choice, she couldn’t just ignore this pull. “I guess I’m going,” she muttered before rolling out of bed, looked at the red suitcase that she had already packed. Her bow and arrows leaning against it. Why she was going to bring them was beyond her, but she felt like she needed to bring them.

“Come on Rufus! You’re going to visit your grandparents for a while,” she said as she grabbed her bags. He barked happily and followed behind. Before she knew it, she was stepping into the Nevada desert heat. “Why is it so hot?” She questioned, wiping the back of her hand against her forehead. It felt as though her red tank top was sticking to her thin figure and she regretted wearing hear blue jeans even though they were her favorite pair of pants. She took a deep breath, instantly regretted it, before making her way to her rental car.

No one knew she was in Nevada; it had been so spontaneous that she had forgotten to tell anyone. She was surprised she had thought to ask her parents to watch Rufus and to actually pack a couple of bags. Not that she knew how long she would be gone or exactly what she needed. She checked into her hotel, taking some time to allow her body to cool down after being in the heat. But she knew she didn’t have long, she needed to get going if she was going to make it in time. For what, she had no idea, but she knew she needed to go. She unpacked her things before grabbing her room key and exiting the room.

“The Grand Canyon!” The perky tour guided shouted with a bright smile. “Okay, everyone feel free to explore and remember you need to be back in two hours so the bus doesn’t depart without you!” “Whatever you say, Tour Guide Barbie,” Sadie thought to herself as she got up from her seat, making her way off the bus. Her sneakers connected with the red-orange sand. She had found it odd that no one had questioned her bow and arrows, but she wasn’t about to question it. The tour group walked over to the little shops that were by the canyon, meanwhile, she wandered away from them. The pull was leading her in the opposite direction, “No turning back now,” she said to herself.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been walking, but finally, she felt like she was where she was meant to be. Sadie looked around; the Grand Canyon was beautiful. She was at a point where there was a small ledge that protruded a little farther out over the canyon. Sadie walked to the ledge, “Now what?”


Dream Watchers
Staff member
It was hot. Campbell uncomfortably adjusted in the bus's unfortunately sticky surface, leaning forward and slowly peeling her now sweaty skin from the pleather exterior of the seat. She wasn't the biggest fan of temperatures that exceeded sixty five degrees and the heat of the Nevada sun was a bit too much. Her seat mate, Stephanie, looked at Campbell's sweaty, red face with a look of disgust, to which Campbell sighed and reached for her bag. The Adidas bag was partially open, so Campbell slipped her hand in and sorted through her bag without taking a look herself. She could feel the cold yet familiar feel of her retractable staff, her wallet, her water bottle, keys, and a Cliff bar that she had packed for herself as a snack. Reassured that all her belongings were there, Campbell removed her hand and zipped up the bag, taking a peek out of the window when a loud voice interrupted her thoughts. "Alright everyone, we are pulling up on the Grand Canyon", the excited voice cried out, to which Campbell looked at who it belonged to. Her teacher, Mrs. Wright, was the source of the voice and while her teacher continued talking, she glanced at Campbell briefly to which Campbell gave an encouraging smile. Mrs. Wright was her favorite teacher, yet the poor woman was so uncomfortable taking charge of her rather rowdy senior class. "This is an exciting moment! One you will always remember! Make sure to take lots of pictures!", Mrs. Wright squeaked out, which elicited some smirks from those who were paying attention to the meek teacher. Campbell instinctively reached for her phone in her jogger pant's pocket and when she felt the familiar rectangle, she let out a breath of relief. The bus squeaked loudly as it pulled into a parking spot and the bus let out a loud noise, as if it were sighing itself, before the doors squeaked open.

Standing on the copper-colored sand, Campbell raised her hand above her eyes to shield them as she looked around. It was beautiful, even if it was hot, and she appreciated the beauty of the it. As she was taking in the environment, her friend Bailey snuck up on her, playfully kicking sand in the direction of Campbell. "Hey!", Campbell yelped, stepping back and kicking some sand playfully back at Bailey. "Wow, how mature", Bethany, definitely not Campbell's fan, sneered as she walked off, brushing any remnants of sand off of her black leggings. Checking herself for sand, Campbell looked down at her outfit. She was in her typical athleisure wear, with dark gray jogger pants and a light gray sports bra. Just to make it a bit more school-appropriate, she had a light, nearly see-through cropped tank on top of her sports bra, which reached to just above her belly button. Her feet were tucked into Adidas sneakers, which matched the Adidas bag that she slipped on. Bailey knew that she was a stickler for her clothing and that she was meticulous about not only matching her clothes, but keeping them fairly clean. None of the copper dust stained her clothes. Feeling much more reassured, Campbell continued walking, following Mrs. Wright, who was excitedly chattering away about Grand Canyon facts. 

"Now I know you guys are all excited because you're graduating next week", Mrs. Wright said, to which the entire group of teenagers and young adults whooped. "Yes, yes, I know. It's very exciting and you guys are going to be starting the rest of your lives. Use this experience as not only an opportunity to learn, but to enjoy time with those you've spent four years with". Bailey wrapped his arm around Campbell's neck, bringing her in closely to which Campbell laughed and smiled, placing her arm around Bailey's side. "There you go! Be like Campbell and Bailey!", Mrs. Wright said encouragingly, smiling brightly before continuing on her walk. After they arrived at the main center, each of them grabbing a map of the Grand Canyon and going to the restroom, they were all on their way. After around 30 minutes, Campbell inexplicably felt..off. Something felt like it was tugging on the back of her mind. It almost felt like someone was watching her. Looking around, Campbell couldn't see anyone looking at her, but the feeling remained. It was making her uncomfortable. Slowing down her walk, Campbell felt herself separating from the group as she kept scanning her surroundings. Everyone else was wrapped up in taking in the sights that they didn't notice Campbell slipping away. She had her phone, right? She could always call Mrs. Wright, who dutifully made sure everyone had her as a contact, if she got too lost. It doesn't hurt to just look, she mused, slipping down a pathway opposite of the direction her tour group was going. 

After walking for a while, Campbell took out her water bottle and took a big gulp of the now lukewarm water before looking around. She found a path that went upwards a bit and, slipping her water bottle back into her bag, Campbell followed her. She didn't know where she was going. She had never been to the Grand Canyon before. But something was pulling her this direction and, despite all logic and reasoning, Campbell had to follow it to find out. She just had to know. Climbing up the pathway, she came to an open area with a ledge that peeked down hundreds of feet. There was someone standing at the ledge and for a brief moment, Campbell wondered if this is the person whose eyes were fixated on her. She shook her head for a moment. It couldn't be, there was no way that this girl could have seen her from this vantage point. Worried about startling the girl, Campbell cleared her throat a little bit in hopes of alerting the girl of her presence. "Um.. hello?", Campbell offered, the tilt in her voice clearly showing confusion and apprehension. "Please be careful. You're making me nervous with how close you are to the ledge", she said, laughing slightly as the corners of her eyes crinkled from her smiling. Before the girl offered a response, Campbell walked up next to her and took a peek over the ledge. Nope. Nope. She felt her stomach turn and stepped away, taking a deep breath. Heights were never her thing.


New member
The wind roiled past the open windows, nearly drowning out the sound of the tires on the road and growling engine but not the music coming from the old radio.  The old Camaro was dusty, and she had her dents, but what did one expect when they were driving down interstate fifteen.  Jason Reed had a soft smile on his face, relaxed as he listened to the combined noises of his drive home.  He had insisted on going to college out of his home state of California, even if his chosen field could have been studied anywhere.  He'd never really left the state prior, and he wanted to take the chance to go out and see a bit of the world outside his home before he settled down anywhere for a job.  Sure, it meant packing up the majority of his material possessions (twice now) to make the move but that was okay with him.  His gut had told him it was the right move, and Jason had learned to listen to his gut since an early age.  Right now though, his gut was telling him that it was low on fuel from all its thinking.  He signaled, and made his way off the interstate for some fast food.

He'd been driving for hours, so Jason took the chance to get out of his car and go inside the McDonalds he opted to stop at.  It wasn't the healthiest food, or even the best, but it was something hot to eat and cold to drink and that was exactly what he was looking for.  Once he had his food and drink, he took a table with a window and looked out at the dusty piece of road he'd found himself on.  It wasn't much more than a wide spot on the interstate, with a stop for food and a truck stop for the big rigs.  There were a couple signs pointing off in different directions, towards cities and landmarks.  He found his eyes kept drifting off to that sign, long after he had learned how many miles from real civilization he was; he felt a familiar tug, and gave an almost quizzical frown before he scarfed down the rest of his burger.  He refilled his drink, dumped his trash, and wandered out towards the sign.  He stood there for a few moments before he cracked a sudden wide smile.

“Sure, why not?” he said to himself before turning away from the sign.

Jason was back in his car in a few moments, the engine roaring back to life.  He pulled back onto the road and drove on, passing the interstate onto one of the long back roads that littered America.  He'd never been to the Grand Canyon, but he'd always kinda wanted to and his gut was telling him now was the time.  He'd make a call when he got there, explain to his mom.  She'd understand; she might disappointed about having to take another day or two before she could see him, but by now she was used to his weird flights of fancy.  When his gut told him something, he found it was usually a good idea to listen.  Besides, he wouldn't be back out this way until before next semester, and there was no telling if the weather would be nice then.  As he drove down the empty road in the middle of an all too real dessert he smiled, and pressed down on the accelerator.  He was used to driving in cities, where you had to be careful about going too fast unless you wanted to blow past a cop or hit something.  Or worse, somebody.  Out here though, it was open.  He smiled, wide and relaxed, as his old muscle car kicked up dust and roared like a living thing.

It was hours before he arrived at the park, pulling into visitor parking.  He took some extra time, waiting until a spot opened up near the visitor center where there was sure to be eyes.  Since most of his stuff was still in the car, he didn't want anything to happen to it.  While he didn't have a bad feeling about leaving his car alone for a while, it never hurt to be a little careful.  He did have to go diving into his trunk though, fishing out a pair of hiking boots and a hat.  His shorts and t-shirt would do fine in the meantime.  Jason was an athletic looking young man, hair the color of sand just after ocean water had receded and dark green eyes, and he was no stranger to hiking.  He fished out his phone and called home.  Sure enough his mother was disappointed, and perhaps a bit annoyed, but in the end she understood.  He promised he'd call her later to let her know it was okay, and that he'd take some pictures to show off when he got home.

Truth be told, Jason didn't know why he'd really made this decision.  He'd simply felt a pull when he'd seen the sign for the Grand Canyon, and he'd been feeling similar pulls that had led him to that sign.  His gut was always talking to him you could say, but this was a little different.  He surveyed the parking lot for a few moments before he chuckled to himself, and went inside to pick up a few bottles of water.  With this kind of heat he'd be silly to not.  He returned to his car, fished out a backpack to carry the waters in, and headed off to the trail head.  A decision made, he started down one of the trails and took in the sights. 

Before too long he passed a smaller trail that led off.  He thought he heard voices as he passed it before he stopped, looked back, and backtracked to take the smaller trail.  He came to a small cleared area that overlooked the canyon proper, and a pair of girls were there already talking.  He looked at the two of them a moment before shaking his head and walking up towards them.

“'Scuse me, just wanted to grab a picture of this,” he said with a smile before pulling out his phone and taking a great shot of the canyon.  He looked at it a moment, nodded once, and turned to leave.  He gave the two girls another smile and a nod, but stopped after a few steps, turning back to look at them.  He stared for a moment, which he realized might have been creepy.  And yet...
“Do I... know you two from somewhere?”
For many, the summer heat would be brutal. The high nineties to the hundreds would cause many to stay inside their air-conditioned homes or office buildings to wait out the worst of the day's heat. In European countries, many would take naps or rest during the middle of the day to escape it. The islanders of Oka were no stranger to those mid-day rests. the islanders would go to their huts or gather in the island's jungle to rest by the river or in the cool shade. They were careful not to overwork themselves during these hours, lest they face the wrath of Oka herself. The island's goddess insisted upon her people resting at midday when the sun was hottest to preserve their spirits. Juno enjoyed those naps. He would rest on his bedroom floor with curtains drawn until his mother or father come to shake him awake. The bus did that instead.

Juno covered his mouth as he yawned. He had decided to go see the Grand Canyon today after waking up to three pamphlets about it resting on his chest. He didn't remember getting or reading them, but perhaps it was from his exhaustion. Juno shifted in his seat and looked down at the pamphlet in his hand. It was for the guided tour he was currently on. Juno shifted his bad in his lap and rested his chin on it. The closer he got to the giant fossil of a river, the calmer he felt. Like some worldly puzzle piece was clicking into place. Did Oka have a plan for him, despite being so far from home? Juno wouldn't question her too much. All things happened for a reason.

The bus slowed to a stop as it pulled into a parking space. The tour guide stood up and began directing people out of the bus. Juno followed the group of people and shouldered his backpack on once he stepped outside. Juno looked around at the scenery. It was beautiful... Juno turned back to the group when the guide began to speak. He barely understood her as she spoke quickly. He would just follow the group. They began to make their way to the visitors center for a bathroom break for everyone. Juno wandered around the gift shop, examining the different things they had for sale. He wasn't used to this consumeristic lifestyle. On Oka everyone made what they needed. Juno found it odd that he needed a job to get money to buy things. Juno shook his head and walked back to the reforming group. A woman smiled at him.

"Hi there." She said. Her voice was nice. "I'm Susan. I saw you on the bus but didn't know how to approach you."

Juno smiled slightly at her. "I'm Juno. It is nice to meet you."

The woman, Susan, smiled at that. "Juno... That's a pretty name." She opened her mouth to say more, but was cut off by the guide.

"Alright everyone. I want you to split up into pairs. The person you pair up with is your buddy. Stick close to them. The cliffs can get dangerous if you aren't careful."

Juno felt his arm gripped by Susan. She smiled at him. "I'm sure you won't mind being my buddy, would you Juno?"

Juno shook his head. She was the only person he knew the name of. It would be fine.

Once everyone had split into pairs, the group headed out of the center. Juno half-heard the conversations happening around him as they walked. He was sure the information the tour guide was giving was fascinating, but something felt... off. Like he was missing something. Susan had let go and was talking quietly. A vacation her family had taken before. Juno ignored her. He stopped in his tracks as he spotted a small trail. Something inside of him pushed at it. Juno walked towards the trail, ignoring the calls of Susan and the group.

Juno's ears pricked as he heard voices. Two female one male. All were clearer than the ones he had heard before. Juno felt something shift in his gut. This was where he was supposed to be. Here and now. He blinked and took in the scene. The man holding his phone, the two girls close to the edge of the cliff. Juno stared.



New member
Throughout Ari’s life, he had read about so many wonderful places that he wanted to be in, but the people who watched over, fed, taught, brought him up, never allowed for it. It was always the one thing that would get to them, the one thing that kept them from being truly happy. I mean there was also the fact that he interacted with no one but his “superiors”, and while some were female, he never really got to have a deep conversation with any of them. They were so distant yet hovered over him at all times, it was the strangest thing. The only time he was alone was when he was in his room or the library. In both places, he read of places he would love to visit.
The arctics sounded fun, so cold and desolate, he imagined it would be hard work to set up a little research base as so many have tried and failed. He soon realized it would all come down to money though, and since he and his family were absolutely loaded, that wouldn’t be a problem that would make Ari sit his grandkids down to tell how he hired a team of people to do work for him. Maybe a passing joke though.
Rainforests were another wonder he dreamed about, all the species of animal he could stuffy and see, all the plants to touch and smell, the swampy water to….vaugly sit a couple of meters away from. Build a boat and go down the amazon river or something, climb big trees, something that related to messing with primates, i mean come on that would be funny as hell, something he could make so many jokes from.
But the big thing was deserts, canyons, dry and bare, yet life there was happening same as any other place in the world. The animals evolved and adapted to bare these environments that could probably kill them quickly, and turned it into a place where they could barely survive in. And that seemed good enough. Ari was attracted to this one place though, the grand canyon, it had water that contrasted with the rest of the environment, and it had tons of people there. It was perfect.
And next thing you know, for some odd reason, everyone was just fine with him there. And then he was taking pictures, dressed in normal clothes, having….fun? So odd and foreign and yet so invigorating, he wanted more and so he explored, pictures of animals and cliffsides, plants and more cliffsides. And when he reached one cliffside, he saw some people, four, and walked to them, he said nothing.


Dream Weavers
Staff member
“This is stupid,” Sadie thought to herself as she stood at the edge of the cliff, starring down into the massive canyon before her. It was truly amazing what nature could do. She licked her lips, moistening them slightly and regretting not bringing a drink. It was Arizona after all, the desert of Arizona to be more precise. Sadie kicked the ground, sending a puff of dirt up with the toe of her sneaker. She took in a deep breath, taking in the fresh air before let out a deep sigh. “Guess I should go back,” she muttered to herself, taking one more look out onto the canyon. Before she turned, a voice caught her off guard. She quickly turned to face the young woman who was standing not too far from her. She was obviously confused, and who wouldn’t be? Sadie was standing there on a random ledge with no one else around. It did look odd from the outside looking in she supposed.

Before she could response to the girl’s nervous comments, she was approaching Sadie on the ledge. A soft giggle emitted as she watched the newcomer look over the edge, obviously very concerned with being up so high. She moved away slightly and it was at that time that Sadie felt as though there was something connecting the two. It was that familiar feeling, the one that had led her to the Grand Canyon to begin with. She squinted her blue eyes briefly, taking a closer look, she didn’t think she had ever met this girl before. “Do I…know you?” She questioned, “Not to be impolite!” She added quickly with a nervous laugh, “There’s just something…”

Her sentence trailed off as a young man approached them. It wasn’t that his interruption that surprised Sadie, but that he was emitting the same feeling she was feeling from the girl she had just met. He turned to leave, but something was telling Sadie not to let him go. Just as he turned, she was starting toward him, beginning to speak, “Do I…” she trailed off as he asked the question that was on the tip of her tongue. She laughed awkwardly, “This may sound weird, but I feel like I know this sounds strange, but I have this weird feeling being around you to. NOT WEIRD BAD!” She exclaimed a little too loudly, causing her voice to echo slightly, “In a good way,” she lowered her voice, “like we’re supposed to be here together.” She sounded crazy and she knew it, but she hoped they understood.

There was that feeling again, a pull of sort. She looked past the man in front of her, her blue eyes landing on another man. Her eyebrow raised slightly as he approached, saying a simple “Hello,” she couldn’t help but wave stupidly. “What the hell is going on?” She muttered softly, somewhat to the girl beside her, somewhat loud enough for everyone to her. Before she could elaborate on her thoughts, they were joined by one more newcomer. She nearly burst out laughing in disbelief. “Seriously though, what is going on and why do I feel like I know all of you?” She asked, feeling as though she had lost her mind. “There has to be some rational explanation to this, right?” She sighed heavily, rubbing her temples. “Either way, we should probably get out of the heat and get something to drink,” she said absent mindedly licking her lips once more, trying to find relief to the dryness. But she didn’t move, other than to cross her arms over her chest, “I have got to be dreaming…”


Dream Watchers
Staff member
There was something unsettling about the whole situation. The tingling feeling of familiarity, the itch that something was off, and.. the comfort she felt while she was around the girl. It was as if Campbell just walked up and stood next to a best friend. The girl seemed friendly enough, but she obviously wasn't Campbell's best friend- I mean, Sang might seriously be offended. She took in the surroundings and the fresh air, deeply inhaling as she stepped away from the ledge, feeling a bit light-headed from seeing how far above the ground they were delicately perched. These Grand Canyons were around for what, like 100 years? Surely they wouldn't crumble beneath them..Would they? Campbell felt a buzz in her pocket and she reached for her phone, bringing it up a few inches from her face as a text from Bailey popped up. "Were R U?" flashed across the screen. Just as she was about to click her fingers along the keyboard on her phone, the girl's voice spoke up, causing Campbell to pause and turn to face the girl, a sheepish smile on her face. She completely forgot where she was for a moment. Right. There was some random, familiar girl here.

At the girl's inquiry, Campbell laughed slightly, reaching up and brushing her free hand through her long, thick black hair before answering, "Nope, I don't think so.. unless you go to Liberty High?". She squinted her eyes, taking in the girl's face, trying to gauge age but that was never Campbell's thing. She just automatically assumed most people was her age until they told her otherwise. Before she could prompt more suggestions on where they knew each other, she heard a shuffle behind her and turned around, only to lock eyes with another guy. He had deep, forest green eyes and dirty blonde hair, Campbell was sure she had never seen him in her life before, but the itch was the same as with the other girl. She felt like she was greeting an old friend. A look of confusion appeared on Campbell's face as her lips parted slightly, arching an eyebrow as she looked between the guy and the girl. "This is a bit weird..", Campbell started, shuffling her Adidas sneaker into the copper sand.

Once the other guy joined, the girl spoke, though she sounded a bit as if the weird feeling was getting to her as she raised her voice significantly before dropping it low, so low that Campbell had a hard time hearing her. Another noise behind them. Campbell turned around and locked eyes with another male. Seriously? How many people are venturing this path? There was a long, uncomfortable pause before the girl spoke up again. She suggested finding somewhere to rest, get out of the heat, and get some water. At the mention of water, Campbell grabbed her bag, reaching in to grab her water bottle and drink the last few sips of lukewarm water before shaking her bottle. "For sure, I'll need some water. I think there was a little restaurant slash gift shop down there.. ", she mentioned, pointing down the path with her wattle bottle. "Follow me!". She scooted past the two males that appeared after her, gesturing for them and the girl to follow her as she led the group down the path.

A few minutes later, they reached the front of the "Loons Family Restaurant", a small, slightly decrepit restaurant with a few people standing outside, chatting loudly with cups in their hand. Campbell wiped off the slight sheen of sweat off of her face, reaching up and tying her hair up into a large bun that perched on top of her head. It was way too hot for her hair to be down. Even with the clothes she was wearing, which wasn't covering a huge amount, it still felt like she was being suffocated. Is this the kind of weather people enjoy down here? "Here we are", Campbell said cheerfully, walking up to the door and pushing it in, holding it open for everyone following her. Inside was pretty dim, moderately filled with people, with a fifties' crooner blasting out of the record player. A loud, brash woman from behind the bar crowed "Sit where you like darlings", to which Campbell responded with a "Thank you!" and ushered the group to a booth. She slipped in next to the girl. Once everyone was settled, Campbell crossed her fingers in a serious manner, looking at each of their faces before exclaiming, "So who the heck are you guys?"


New member
Well, it seemed Jason had managed to find his way to some kind of popular hangout spot. Or he'd stumbled onto a cult meeting. Either way, as he asked his question and waited for his answer more people turned up; two more men from the looks of it. One gave a tentative hello, while the other walked up and just quietly looked at the group; needless to say, Jason was a little more wary of the second for the time being. One of the girls had started to ask the same question as himself, stopping as he finished the question and gave...well, not exactly the answer he'd expected. He cracked a full smile at the answer; he knew exactly what she meant. He was used to his gut 'talking' to him, but the feeling that had welled up and settled in was new to him in a sense. It was like reuniting with old relatives in a way, maybe even old friends in some other ways, and yet neither of those quite summed it up. It was something almost deeper.
“Nah, I get ya,” he said easily before the conversation continued.

The other girl spoke up after the first mentioned getting thirsty. He considered speaking up, offering one of the spare bottles of water he had stored in his pack but decided against it as the second girl mentioned returning to the restaurant instead. He figured people would probably feel more comfortable in a more 'public' setting, because he agreed with the first girl; he felt he knew these people, even though he didn't recognize any of them. He felt like following along was the right idea for now though, even though this was the point his rational brain had finally decided to step in. He could hear the fit his mother would be having at this entire exchange in fact. Well, he'd just leave this little story out of the grander tale of his trip here he figured; he'd planned on hiking around and seeing the park, but this was suddenly a much more interesting use of his time. He'd get around to the hiking, right?

As the group started out, led by the second girl, he rolled around the first girl's words in his head. There was a strange, comforting feeling that existed as this ragtag group of apparent stranger started out. He hadn't ever quite felt something like this before; it was almost like he felt safer with this group of random strangers than he had before, even though he'd not felt unsafe before the last few minutes. Even stranger was that as they walked he could have told you where each of the others of this group was without looking at them. He cast a look back as the group moved, at those behind him to make certain. Yep. This was officially weird. He still gave a smile to those behind him. Once they arrived he flopped into the both opposite the girls as they filed in. Menu's were placed ahead of them, and he vaguely considered ordering something from the menu before the second girl spoke up. He looked up, considered it for a moment.

“I'm Jason, and I have no idea where I've met you all before,” he said simply, an easy tone in his voice and a smile on his features.
Juno had always had an odd gut feeling. As if he had been missing something his entire life. The island's elders, the ones who had lost limbs, had told him about pains emanating from their arms or legs that weren't there anymore. When Juno had heard about this, he believed that he was feeling a version of that. But rather than libs, it was someone else entirely. When Juno had entered the small cliffside clearing, the missing feeling vanished. He was overwhelmed with the feeling of being whole for the first time in his life.

He followed mutely as they walked back through the trail. His mind raced as he tried to rationalize what he was feeling and more importantly, why these people in particular? Had their spirit split into pieces and been cast around the world to finally reunite here? Juno rubbed his arms as they walked, trying to assemble the puzzle before him. He shook his head to clear a fog beginning to form. Maybe he was stressed... "Focus." He thought to himself.

Juno enjoyed the walk to the restaurant. The weather being nice was a plus. he followed them and slipped into the both next to the newly named Jason and leaned back against the cool leather. He looked around before the menu distracted him. He opened it up and relaxed as he spotted some pictures. Those he could figure out. He licked his lips then looked up. He should introduce himself, shouldn't he?

"I am Juno Oraas. You all are my lost limbs." He smiled at them.


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