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Pure Ecstasy

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Dream Weavers
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Landon had to admit, this Nightmare guy was tougher than anyone he had ever fought before. Not to mention, he was probably holding back. He was almost relieved he didn’t decide to pick a real fight with this guy. It may have been a little more difficult to fight and win, but Landon would never admit to that, not out loud at least. For the first time since being there, he felt a bit of self-doubt. What if everyone they were expected to fight was just as powerful as Nightmare? He would be taking on these, being? Or whatever they were, on his own. He wouldn’t bother meeting with other ‘Dreamers’ or so they’ve been referred to as.

He was covered in sweat when Nightmare said they were finished and that he needed to go meet Sweet Dream. Landon holstered his knives and nodded, fixing his clothing before following Nightmare to Sweet Dreams’ door. Just looking at it, gave him a toothache. Landon went to address Nightmare about whether or not this child was for real, but he was already gone. He rolled his eyes and pushed open the door.

It was even worse on the inside. He was hit with the strong smell of a variety of sweets. But more surprising than the smell was the little girl standing excitedly in front of him, talking a mile-a-minute. He tried to get a word in, but to no avail. Before he knew it, he was being pulled along. As he was being pulled, he couldn’t help but grab a container of some sort. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but he was hungry and was sure she wouldn’t mind. Even if she did, he wouldn’t care.

As she explained the lay of the land, he took a spoon, that he’s not exactly sure where it came from, and took a bit of the concoction in front of him. There was a layer of hard, burnt sugar on the top and then something soft underneath. It looked like custard, was this…crème brulee? He had only heard about it, but never had it. As Sweet mentioned “The Edge,” he nodded in agreement and took a bit. Landon nearly fell over with how good the sweet delectable treat was. An audible moan left his lips as he closed his eyes, it was pure ecstasy.

Sweet’s voice asking about a medallion pulled him out of his thoughts and he instantly saw her in a different light. There was no one in the world that could be bad and create such a magnificent treat. He was basically drooling from the taste of it, it was like nothing he had never had before. “Uh,” he said thinking for a moment as he took another bite, he could live off of this stuff. “A lion,” he answered finally, “please,” he added knowing his Mother would be disappointed if he wasn’t respectful toward this girl.

Sweet Dream

The Guardians
Sweet Dream felt like everything was cleaned up and ready for the new Dreamer to arrive. She heard the door open and bound over quickly. A large smile was plastered across her face even though she could tell he was semi-disgusted. She would win him over; she was sure of it. Everyone loved Sweet Dream after all! Sweet pulled Landon along, taking note of him snatching up a small ramekin of crème brulee. He would love it; she knew that as a fact.

She slipped a spoon into his hand so that he could eat the delectable treat as she explained everything to him. Sweet explained the layout of Dream City and forewarned him about going to The Edge. He seemed to be in agreement with not going, but she knew how tempting it was. A smirk crossed her lips as he took a bite, which he obviously enjoyed. She held back a giggle as she watched his reaction. She figured it was a good time to mention the medallion, which seemed to bring him back.

Sweet thought for a moment as she determined what the medallion would look like, nodding her head enthusiastically before dashing off to her work station. She got to work quickly. Sweet fashioned together a golden lion with diamond eyes; though, they weren’t diamonds. The eyes sparkled as she examined her work. She felt as though Landon was the type who would want to be able to hook his medallion onto his shirt or something like that. She added a pin to the back so that he would be able to place it were he wanted without worrying that it may fall off. Sweet bound over to Landon and outstretched her hand.

“I hope you like it,” Sweet said excitedly. She took a step back and smiled at her handy work. A huge smile appeared once more on her face, knowing there was more to the medallion than meets the eye, but she figured she would let be a little secret, at least for now. “Well, that’s all I have for you! It looks like you’ve met with all of the Guardians! CONGRATULATIONS!” She said as confetti started to fall from the ceiling in celebration. She giggled and clapped her hands before taking your hand in hers and pulling you gently toward the door.

“Now it’s time to go back to Agent Aisling to submit your paperwork. Don’t forget to write that you received a medallion!” Sweet showed you back to the door and pointed back down the hall you had originally come from. “Just follow the hall until you get back to the office. Let Agent Aisling know that you’re done with your paper work and then go have fun and explore! But remember,” she stopped, her face getting dark, “do not go to The Edge.” Sweet’s smile returned, “Come by any time!” She giggled before shutting her door behind you.

**At this time, return to your character sheet in The Office. Once complete, change your prefix to [Check] to indicate you have done all of your final editing.**​
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