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Ainsley Sawyer is not one to believe in the world of fantasy with mythical creatures and supernatural events. As the head butler of Lord Sallow's estate, Ainsley hardly has the time to dream of the fantasy world. He doesn't even have the time to date or flirt as he is too busy running the large mansion single-handedly.

Odd things have begun to crop up around the mansion and its grounds, things Ainsley cannot ignore. Fresh fruits on his window sill, flower crowns appearing in the garden's gazebo while he's cleaning, and extra pocket money filling his pockets. Ainsley had been denying that anything strange is occurring, however, he cannot ignore the signs any longer when he gets a handwritten invitation to the Fae King's palace. Will Ainsley take up the offer or continue to bury his head in the sand?

(rp partner would be roleplaying as the fae king! this is a m/m ship!)


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