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Character Core:

  • What is your character’s name? Melody Marie Haynes
  • What is your character’s gender identity? Female
  • What is your character’s sexuality? Closeted Lesbian
  • What is your character’s House? Hufflepuff
  • What is your character’s wand? An elegant elm wand that is eight and one-half inches long with a hippocampus mane
  • Does your character’s name have any meaning behind it? Melody’s mother has always loved to sing and listen to music since she was a little girl hence her first name. Her middle name is shared with her Mother and has been passed down through the generations.
  • Parentage (Mother, Father, etc.):
  • Annabelle Marie Foster: Born to a muggle family on March 5, 1956 in Italy, she moved to England at the age of sixteen with her family. She met Steven the summer she had moved.
  • Steven Richard Haynes: Born on June 24, 1953 into a pureblood family that was relatively affluent. Sorted into the Gryffindor House while he was at Hogwarts and is now an Auror at the Ministry of Magic.
  • Age in years: Sixteen
  • Blood: Half-blood
  • Height & Weight: Melody stands at the height of 5’6, similar to her Mother. She weighs approximately 175 lbs.
  • Body Type: Melody takes after her Mother when it comes to her appearance. Her height and weight match Annabelle’s along her overall build. Melody has been described as curvy, having an hourglass shape and rounds things out with a C-cup chest size. She has a little bit of “chunk” around her midsection. She attempts to keep in relatively good shape, but also loves her sweets, which can make things a little more difficult. She is not necessarily athletic, but does enjoy a quick run around Hogwarts on occasion.
  • Skin color: With her Mother’s family originally coming from Italy, she has been blessed with olive colored skin. If it weren’t for that, she would probably be as pale as her father.
  • Hair color: Melody has long, chocolate brown hair, which she has inherited from her Father’s side. Her hair is thick and loose curls that require minimal maintenance. Most other girls at school are jealous of her hair and how it falls seemingly flawlessly.
  • Facial features: Her face is what people refer to as “heart shaped.” Her nose is slightly pointed and her lips are plump and full. Melody has a couple of freckles on her face, one particular that is to the side of her right eye.
  • Mental Age: Melody knows how to have fun and goof around with her friends, but she has also been told that she is mature for her age. She is polite and knowledgeable; though, probably more “street smart” versus “book smart.” It has been her belief that she would one day become an Auror and knows that she needs to keep up with her studies as much as possible.
  • Languages the character can speak/read/write: Melody can speak, read and write in English. She does know how to speak some Italian, but she wouldn’t consider herself fluent.

Character Relationships:

  • Is this character in any form of romantic relationship? If so, what kind and for how long? Describe in detail. Melody has had one or two romantic relationships with guys in the past, but generally doesn’t date. She is currently single and not necessarily “ready to mingle.”
  • Describe the character’s immediate family:
  • Mother: Annabelle Haynes is a bubbly and perky sort; she is also the only non-magical person within the immediate family. She came from an all non-magical family, but was not surprise to find out that it was real. Annabelle always thought there had to be something more and she was right. It was Steven, who she accidently met during her first summer in England, who taught her all about magic and the Wizarding World. They were instantly inseparable aside from when at school. Annabelle is a kind and caring person, who strives to keep her family functioning effectively and happy.
  • Father: Steven Haynes is a well-built kind and caring man who loves his family more than anything. He works for the Ministry of Magic as an Auror and is very good at his job. He looks like an intimidating man, but he’s truly a “teddy bear” when it comes to those who he cares about. He is always trying to obtain justice for those who deserve it. Steven is also somewhat of a risk taker like his son.
  • Brother: Tyler Corey Haynes is Melody’s eleven-year-old brother. He is in his first year at Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor like his father. He is stubborn and always taking risks. He’s smart and quick to protect his friends at all times. Tyler is probably the funnier one between himself and Melody, which comes in handy if she needs something to help lift her spirits.
  • Does the character have any close relationships (friendships, rivalries, etc.) with other primary or secondary characters? If so, describe.
    Melody has a few close relationships. First, there are the Weasley twins whom she met during her first year at Hogwarts. When shew as being bullied by some older students, they intervened and they’ve been friends ever since. Because of her friendship with the twins, she has interacted with The Golden Trio whom she feels like she has a decent relationship with, but wouldn’t consider it to be a close relationship. Additionally, she has her best friend Jack, whom she’s known since she started at Hogwarts. They literally bumped into one another while on the Hogwarts Express while looking for a place to sit. They spent the entire ride talking and joking around. When they were sorted into the same house, it was like fate. In fifth year, Jack got a girlfriend named Penelope whom he hangs out with often, but still makes time for Melody whenever possible. They will often stay up into the late night talking and telling each other about their day.

Character Personality:

  • Using at least 6 descriptive keywords, describe the personality of this character:
  • Determined: When Melody puts her mind to something, she will accomplish it. She will not back down or give up until there are no other options.
  • Shy: She is not generally someone who will approach another person first or make much of a fuss over something unless it has to do with someone close to her. Melody is often described as shy and quiet; it will take some time getting to know her for her to open up to you.
  • Loyal: Melody is extremely loyal to those she considered to be close with. She will do everything within her power to defend them, even if that means risking her own safety. And if you need something done, Melody is the person you can rely on.
  • Jealous: One of Melody’s biggest downfalls, in her own opinion, is her issues with jealousy. If she feels attached to something or someone, she has tendency to become jealous is someone else steps in and tries to interact with it or that person. She is aware of this problem and tries not to let it get out of control, but sometimes there’s nothing she can do to stop it.
  • Stubborn: Once her mind is made up, there’s almost no convincing Melody she’s wrong or her mind needs to be changed. Her mother used to tell her that she’s as stubborn as a mule, but this doesn’t mean she’s never been convinced that her mind needs to change.
  • Warmhearted: When you need someone, who is empathetic and kind, Melody is the person you go to. She is a warmhearted individual who you can go to. She is kind, loving and seems to know what to say to make you feel better.
  • Is your character optimistic, pessimistic or pragmatic? Melody is generally an optimistic individual who tries to look on the bright side or tires to find the silver lining.
  • Describe your character’s level of self-confidence and how they convey that to others: Melody has confidence, but it seems to only come out when she’s mad or defending someone she cares about. Other than that, she often second guesses her decisions and is nervous to make possible life-altering changes.
[size=large]Character Skills:[/size]

Describe the character’s intellectual skills and abilities using keywords:
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Probably Melody’s favorite class and the one she is best at. She loves to spend time with the different creatures and learning about them. She has been told that she is a natural when it comes to taking care of the many different creatures. Melody often spends time with Hagrid learning everything that she can.
  • Transfiguration: Melody’s second favorite class and one that interests her greatly. It has always fascinated her on how objects and creatures can be transformed. She would like to learn how to be an Animagi one day and has been pestering Professor McGonagall to teach her to no avail…so far.

Character Weaknesses:

  • Describe any skill weaknesses this character has (things they are poor at):
  • Describe any personality or mental vulnerabilities the character has. Ex. Vulnerability to mind control, easily influenced, naiveté, excessively trusting, etc.


Dream Weavers
Staff member
The Descendants

It had been many years since the last war between good and evil had broken out. The Gods had been keeping evil under control for the past centuries, but what happens when the God’s powers began to become dormant as they’re passed down to the next generation? Though the God’s are not the only ones with descendants--the evil power has also been passed down to the next generations, but considering their long life spans; their powers have not been made dormant. The evil power was simply waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Now it is the Shadow’s turn to take control of the power which has been granted to him.

The year is 2020 and those who hold the power are being called upon to save the Earth from evil once more. There is only one descendant who still has their powers fully intact and it is The Collector’s duty to gather the remaining descendants together using the power of persuasion. It has and always will be their obligation to protect the planet in any way possible--with or without their necklaces--even if it means losing their own lives. The time has come and they must fight, whether they’re ready or not.

With the help of their charmed necklaces--each resembling their powers--will unleash their inner powers and help each of them wield them. Without the necklaces, it is unknown what would happen to their powers, but if it were to occur the results may be disastrous. Their first quest shall be to locate the necklace which can only be touched by its rightful owner, hence why the Collector, who knows their location, could not retrieve them on his/her own. But it will be a difficult journey none the less; will they be up to it? And if and when they obtain their powers, will they be able to defeat the evil forces which have descended down onto the Earth?

The Descendants

The Collector: The Collector is the only descendant whose powers have always been with him. He has the power of precognition which gives them the ability to predict future events; however, the powers are limited. He can only see the outcome of a decision once it is made, the issue being people can change their minds, and therefore the premonition can be altered or inaccurate at times. He is also what is known as a ‘Touch Know’, meaning he can touch an object and see memories that are connected to it. The Collector also has the power of persuasion, meaning he has the ability to force others to obey their spoken command, though it will not work on the strong willed. He also has the ability of creating psychic weapons which means he can create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and not physically. He is also very accurate when it comes to the use of weaponry. Finally, the Collector is very agile, making it easy for him to move around quickly.

The Interpreter: The Interpreter has the ability to read, manipulate, and speak in other’s minds. Along with Mind control, he also has the ability to speak in different languages, even those unknown to man, which includes but doesn’t limit to speaking to animals. The Interpreter also has the power of telekinesis, which allows him to move objects with his mind. Also, he has the ability to view and associate with spirits of the deceased. Finally, The Interpreter has the ability to see clearly in the darkness and to magnify his vision.

Light Hearted: The Light Hearted has the ability to blind people with her inner light. She also has the ability to bend the sunlight and gather its energy into an orb, which can be used as a weapon or as a simple flashlight. She can also summon a bow and arrows of golden light from within. He/she also has the ability to regenerate her body parts if they are say, chopped off or something to that extent. She also has the ability to phase threw solid objects The Light Hearted also has the ability to heal the wounds of others and herself. There have been myths stating that the Light Hearted can also bring people back from the dead, but that is just a myth, or is it? 

The Quick: The Quick, of course, has the ability to move at a very rapid speed. No one is quite sure how fast she can run, considering no one’s ever been able to clock her. Along with super speed, the Quick also has the ability to imitate abilities possessed by animals without shape-shifting into one. The Quick can gain abilities of different animals, to put it simply. The Quick also has the ability to phase. Finally, The Quick has the ability to stretch, deform, expand, and contract her body making her very flexible.

The Genie: The Genie has the ability to grant not only wishes of others, but also her own wishes, however not all of the wishes can’t be granted such as bringing someone back from the dead, killing people, taking others powers away from them, making people fall in love, or of course wishing for more wishes. Others of course only get three wishes when it’s their turn, unlike herself who can grant as many of her own wishes as she wants. Also, just because she (or anyone else) wishes something, that doesn’t mean it will always come true, and her granted wishes don’t always last--if she were to wish for the use of someone else’s power, it may or may not stay as long as it’s wanted or needed. In a nut shell, she can make dreams or nightmares come true. It is also up to her as to whether or not she grants someone's wish. She also has the ability to create force fields around herself and those around her. 

The Alchemist: 
The Alchemist has the ability to use elemental transmutation (think Full Metal Alchemist). Also, he has the ability to cause earthquakes, levitate, and reshape Earth components. The Alchemist has the power of super strength as well. Naturally, this person is also very good at science, chemistry especially. The Alchemist can also talk with plant life considering how close he is to the Earth and its components. And finally the Alchemist has the ability to weigh gravity down on people around him/her, and of course bring it back to normal.

The Villains:

The Shadow: The Shadow has the ability to manipulate the darkness and manipulate dark energy. He also has the ability to manipulate energy and generate forces such as electricity. He also has the ability to summon beings for assistance and to animate and control the dead. He also knows how to use dark magic without the use of a wand or any other magical item. He is able to use spells without speaking them. 

The Assassin: The Assassin had the ability to create and control fire using the power of the mind. She can generate fire from out of nowhere, with just a flick of the wrist or a snap of her fingers. She also has the ability to create and direct lightning, even without a storm. The Assassin has the ability to morph into different people that she has touched (Think X-men's Mystique). She is also a very seductive woman, who has the ability of seducing those around her. It comes in handy when she’s trying to get what she wants. If you were wondering who exactly the Assassin assists and whether or not she is good or evil, this girl is pure evil and assists the one and only Shadow.

The Necklaces:

The Collector and The All Seeing Eye

The Interpreter and The Claddagh

The Light Hearted and The Sun

The Quick and The Cheetah

The Genie and Her Bottle

The Alchemist and His Symbol

The Mirror and Her Reflection

The Shadow and His Black Diamond

The Assassin and Her Fire Dragon


Dream Weavers
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The Great Zodiac War

Once Upon a Time:

A very long time ago, the Cat and the Rat were the best of friends. They accompanied each other everywhere they went and they shared their food. One day, the Cat learnt that the Jade Emperor was going to elect twelve animals to represent the twelve calendar years, and invited all animals to a party. The Cat suggested to the Rat that both of them should make a presence.

When the day finally arrived, the Cat told the Rat, 'I am going to take a nap so that I will be in my top form. Can you please wake me up when it's time to go to the party?' 'No problem.' the Rat replied, 'Just relax and rest. I will wake you up when the time comes.'

After the Cat fell asleep, the Rat thought to himself, 'I am among the smallest of all animals and I don't stand a chance in making one of the twelve if the Cat will go.' So when the time came, the Rat left on his own without waking up the Cat, and was elected as one of the twelve Zodiac Animals.

When the Cat found out what the Rat had done, he was furious. The two became worst enemies. This is the reason why cats are not one of the twelve animals and they love to chase after rats.

But That is Not Where the Story Ends:

Though the story may say the Cat was furious only with the Rat that was simply not the case.  He was furious with the rest of the Zodiacs as well, because they hadn’t thought to retrieve him after the Rat had not.  The Cat spent the rest of his days stewing over what had happened between himself and the rest of his so called friends.  The Cat, however, had a plan to take his revenge on the others.  He wouldn’t allow the Zodiacs to get away with what they had done; even if he wasn’t the one to do it, he would make sure they would fall in the end.

It had happened many eons ago, however, the Cat knew how to hold a grudge--never allowing the hatred and pain that the others had caused to escape.  The anger that he held deep within himself continued to grow as the years went on; though the original Cat had been dead for quite some time, his descendants still clung onto the grudge tightly within each of their cold hearts.  Each of the descendants became more powerful during their time in order to pass their power and hatred along, to their children, who would then do the same over again, creating a vicious cycle of spite.

The Cat was not the only one who passed his powers along, however.  The other Zodiacs knew that there would be a day when they would need to be ready for the fight to begin.  Though as time went on, their views began to change--the fight was between the Cat and the Rat.  Some of the other Zodiacs believed that they should stay back and simply allow things to unfold by themselves and only fight if they had no other choice.  Whether they would side with the Cat or the Rat, though, was completely up in the air.  Some had already chosen a side, but some remained neutral and were more like observers of what was going on more so than anything else.

So, you may be wondering what the Zodiacs have been doing while they wait for the Cat to make the first move.  For the most part, they have each been living their lives as normal (well, not so normal really) human beings.  Each has their own unique powers, depending on their sign.  Though they try to keep touch with one another, over the years they had begun to split apart.  The current Zodiacs are, of course, aware of one another, but they know very little about one another.  All they know is what they have been told by the Zodiac before them.  They may or may not know one another in person, but the time has finally come that they will all have to make their choice and join together.  The war is drawing near and there’s nothing that any one individual can do to stop it.

The Zodiacs

The Rat:  The rat has the ability to give life and independence to inanimate objects. He is also able to teleport over large distances almost instantly. Last but not least, he is able to get what he wants with his sharp tongue and powers of persuasion.

The Ox:  The Ox has the power to manipulate the earth elements as well as having super human strength and project force fields to protect himself and his allies.

The Tiger:  The tiger is a master of manipulating the spiritual and mystical forces of the world. This power gives him the ability to create weapons from spiritual energy as well as the power to manipulate chi and the ability to bring balance to the other members of the zodiac. But the power of the tiger comes with one price: The powers are split amongst a pair of twins--one light and pure, the other dark and maniacal.

The Rabbit:  The rabbit has the blessing of being granted extraordinary luck. The rabbit also has the power to manipulate and cancel the emotions of others as well as control over the air element.  The rabbit has also been gifted with the ability of superhuman sense of hearing.

The Dragon:  The dragon, as one of the power symbol of the zodiac, has been granted powers that reflect its majesty. He has the ability to breathe magical fire as well as being able to sprout wings from his back that allow him to fly. Finally, the dragon is able to manipulate the weather in 5 mile radius.  

The Snake:  The snake, true to its name, is a sly and cunning character who was granted abilities that match his cool and calculating demeanor. He has the ability to blend into his surroundings as well as the power to paralyze or poison people with a touch. His powers of attraction and water manipulation make him a dangerous competitor, despite first appearances. 

The Horse:  The horse is a quasi immortal with the powers of healing and empathy, which allows him to know when his friends or allies are in danger. He also has the ability to clear large distances rapidly on foot.

The Sheep:  The sheep is a wild card with a short temper that proves troublesome to deal with considering he often fights with his rage. Combined with the ability to manipulate light and separate his body and soul (astral projection), he is not to be underestimated.

The Monkey:  The monkey tends to be a playful trickster and his abilities just enhance his annoyance. He is abnormal quick, is able to jump higher than a normal human, has amazing balance and the power to assume different forms as well as control over the wood element.

The Rooster:  The rooster has the power to lift things and float with the power of their mind. Along with the power to enhance the volume of their voice up to ten times normal.

The Dog:  The dog is a very well warranted ally but can also be a danger to keep too close. Curse with the Lycanthropy affliction, the dog changes into a werewolf on the night of the full moon. But beneficially, the dog can also change its own age at will and has incredible scent.

The Pig:  The pig is a powerhouse that proves to be difficult to take down. Its ability to negate physical attacks 3 times a day in combination with its heat vision makes get in close near impossible and ill advised. To top it all off, the pig also has limited reality and dimensional control which allows it to summon items and other various things, seemingly from thin air.[/strike]

The Cat:  The cat is quite possibly the biggest threat amongst the zodiac. With its ability to make exact copies of itself and raise from the dead 9 times (with a 3 day waiting period after death) the cat makes a very troublesome opponent. It also has inhuman reflexes that make hitting it nearly impossible and the ability to copy other members of the zodiac’s powers for 5 minutes at a time.


Dream Weavers
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The Runaways

They’ve been locked away for many years; so many that they’ve lost count. The agents of Sector 7G have kept them from gathering any sort of knowledge as to how long they have been prisoners or even what the true purpose of them being there is. The Agents tell them when they are to do anything, including when to eat. In their mind, it keeps the prisoners disoriented and less aggressive, especially when they withhold food from them for quite some time. You may be wondering how they can get away with such a thing, but truth be told, the Agents are a branch off of the government whom are designated to keep abominations, as they call them, locked away and tested on. The Agent’s goals are to figure out how these creatures exist and how to take away any sort of powers the prisoners may have.

Six pairs of eyes--all of different races--constantly watch as the Agents roam around the vicinity from within their locked cages, which also have been preventing them for using their own powers with the help of Sector 7G’s advanced technology. These six individuals are in these special cages because they don’t know how to behave themselves, or so the Agents have said. They are constantly trying to escape from their confinement, unlike the other prisoners who had quickly learned their lesson after being shocked and tortured for hours on end. The six of them quickly learned that they were not going to be able to escape on their own. It would only be possible with the help of each other’s powers and strengths. Together they could escape and seek out the man who had placed them there in the first place, Agent Bennet. But they must be careful, for Agent Bennet won’t simply be sitting back at his office in his nice comfortable business chair. Both he and his right hand woman--who happens to be a sorceress--will be out hunting down the escapees.

Together, The Runaways will be able to find the answers they have been seeking and finally take their revenge on the entire agency of Sector 7G. Together, they will be able to give one another a new life, a safer life where they can be free from captors and cages. The time has finally come to escape and begin their journey. But will they remember how to take hold of their powers after not being able to use them for such a long time? Will they be able to get along long enough to accomplish their task? Will they even complete their task? There are so many questions that no one but you and your companions will be able to answer. This is the story of the Runaways.

Character Titles

The Runaways:

The Vampire: The Vampire has super strength, hearing, and speed. He/she has learned, over the many years in Sector 7G, now to control his/her blood thirst. Over the years, the Agents have been feeding him/her animal blood, so once he/she escapes he/she will be able to live off of simply that. The Vampire has light sensitivity, but will not be burned by the sun; he/she simply doesn’t enjoy it. Also, he/she has the ability to heal quickly, depending on the wound. Minor cuts can heal within seconds, while large gashes may take up to a day. The Vampire also has one special ability, that no other vampires have (Of your choice, must be approved by moi).

The Genie: The Genie has the ability to grant not only wishes of others, but also her own wishes, however not all of the wishes can’t be granted such as bringing someone back from the dead, killing people, taking others powers away from them, making people fall in love, or of course wishing for more wishes. Others of course only get three wishes when it’s their turn, unlike herself who can grant as many of her own wishes as she wants. Also, just because she (or anyone else) wishes something, that doesn’t mean it will always come true, and her granted wishes don’t always last--if she were to wish for the use of someone else’s power, it may or may not stay as long as it’s wanted or needed. In a nut shell, she can make dreams or nightmares come true. It is also up to her as to whether or not she grants someone's wish. She also has the ability to create force fields around herself and those around her. Somehow Sector 7G has even taken away her powers, leaving her unknowing how her powers will work when she wishes to use them again.

Dark Elf: The Dark Elf is very quick on his/her feet and is also very flexible. He/she is also a very intelligent being. The Dark Elf also has a sharp senses and perceptions. The Dark Elf also has the ability to use dark magic, but after being locked up in Sector 7G, he/she will need some practice on using these powers once more.

The Demon: The Demon has pyrokinesis, giving their the ability to control, create, and manipulate fire. They also has the powers to control the shadows around him, including those that belong to others.

The Fallen Angel: The Fallen Angel posses the ability to create and manipulate darkness. And thus far, he also has night vision giving him to see easily in the dark. He also possesses the power of energy manipulation which means he can create and of course manipulate energy. The Fallen Angel also has the ability to manipulate the Earth’s components. And of course, being an angel he can fly with the help of his two dark wings.

The Werewolf: The Werewolf has super human strength much like the vampire. He/she also has thick skin, making it difficult to be penetrated--not saying that it can’t be done however. The Werewolf despises silver, and this is also he/her weakness. He/she can die from too much exposure to silver, but often it’ll just simply burn the skin. The Werewolf has accelerated healing abilities meaning, depending on what sort of wound it is he/she can heal from two or three minutes, to an entire day. The Werewolf used to have control over when he/she changed, but after being in Sector 7G, it’s going to take some adjusting to once more.

The Villains:​

Agent Bennet: Agent Bennet has the power of electric manipulation. He is able to control, generate, and absorb electrical fields. He also has the ability to travel through electrical conduits and can enter through devices such as televisions or computer. (Conduits – power lines or phone lines) He is also very good when it comes to using weapons, he’s accurate when it comes to aiming and tries to never miss.

The Sorceress: The Sorceress has an abundance of magical abilities. For the most part, she has to know and say some sort of incantations to perform her magic, but there are a few she can perform wordlessly. (I want a short list of the wordless spells. They must be approved by me!)


Dream Weavers
Staff member
Who Me? Oh, yeah, I’m Sadie Anne Brant

And I’m happy to be 20

And isn't it obvious by my picture that I'm a Girl?

Apparently I am The Light Hearted

Besides my Powers, I can always find me with a bow and arrow.

I’m ME and there’s NOTHING you can do about it! At first glance Sadie seems as if she is a shy girl who would keep to herself, which can often be true. She can be shy, at times, mostly when around new people, but she also has a sarcastic and cocky side--though she is a very kind and caring individual who is always trying to help others around her. She always puts others before herself, not wanting anything bad to happen to any of her friends or family. Sadie is a very loyal and trustworthy girl who is a very determined and driven, she knows what she wants and how to get it. She’ll do what she has to, to get what she wants and needs. Nothing can stop this girl when she’s trying to accomplish something. However, Sadie is the last person you would ever want to mess with. She has one hot temper that is easily set off. No one ever gets in this girl’s way, it’d be like getting in front of an angry, hungry lion. You’d rather be her friend than her foe; she’ll protect her friends and family even if it means losing her own life.

My Life in a Nutshell was…. Saide was raised in a warm, loving family by both of her parents, whom she loves, however she grew up as the middle child. Being the middle child meant that she was pretty much ignored for the most part--unless she was being compared to one of her siblings. She got used to it quickly, however, and has grown to be a very independent woman. She’s always trying to make her family proud and would do anything for them. In her eyes, family and friends come first. If you become her close friend, you might as well consider yourself as family.

She has always felt as if there was something more out there for her to do--other than going to school, getting good grades, and basically being a normal teenager. Sadie constantly buried herself in books, taking her mind off of her normal life and plunging into a fantasy world in which she wished she lived. She soon let go of her fantasy world however when she reached high school. It was immature and stupid to want to have some excitement in life, so she settled in and stayed in the backs of peoples’ minds. She was only social with a certain few, but many knew of her--mainly because of the temper that she possessed.

Saide often got into fights in school, always winning them of course--at least in her mind. Her parents finally took notice to her and got her a bow and arrow set, hoping an extracurricular activity would help her be less violent. Sadie took the opportunity of being ignored to practice with her new found weapon, quickly gaining more confidence with it. At first she found herself accidentally dropping her arrows and watching as they fell directly in front of her, but it wasn’t long until she got the hang of using her weapon.

Learning how to use her bow and arrow kept her out of trouble, which made her parents happy. This eventually led to them ignoring her once more--though by that time she had become very independent and only asked her parents for help when she had no other choice. Sadie enjoyed her life, but deep inside she was still searching for her adventure…her fantasy.

I refuse to be controlled by LunarScorpio


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