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Accepted Landon Michael McKey

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Character Core:
  • What is your character’s name? Landon Michael McKey
  • What is your character’s gender identity? Cis Male
  • What is your character’s sexuality? Heterosexual
  • Does your character’s name have any meaning behind it? Nothing that he's aware of, but if there were some meaning behind it, he was sure it would be something awesome.
  • Parentage (Mother, Father, etc.):
    • Mother: Madeline June McKey, born June 20, 1954. She barely graduated high school and lives in a trailor. She is the woman who raised him, by herself while working two jobs.
    • Father: He's some dead-beat loser who only came around to beat his Mother, both mentally and physically. Not to mention how abusive he was toward Landon.
  • Age in years: Twenty-two years old
  • Height & Weight: 6'0", 200 lbs
  • Body Type: Landon is on the bigger side, slightly overweight, but he carries it well. He does have muscular arms, triceps and biceps from playing sports.
  • Skin color: Flawless caramel brown skin
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye Color: Crystal Blue
  • Facial features: His face has a little pudge to it, but not overly so. He has a light amount of facial hair that he ensures is always kept clean.
  • Mental Age: Landon has the mental age of a sixteen year old boy, immature and over confident is him in a nutshell.
  • Languages the character can speak/read/write: He only speaks, writes and reads in English.
Character Relationships:
  • Is this character in any form of romantic relationship? If so, what kind and for how long? Describe in detail. Landon is in multiple romantic relationships. He believes he is currently dating three woman, but there may be more...at least more that he's sleeping with.
  • Describe the character’s immediate family: Landon only has his Mother in his life. She is the only one that has ever been there for him consistently, which could be why he has so many trust issues. His father is an abusive asshole that beat his mother, almost to death once. This is what changed everything for Landon. From that moment on, he knew he needed to be stronger, more fierce and had to make sure no one stepped on him or his mother every again. He stood up to his father one day after his mother returned home from the hospital. He was thirteen at the time and made sure his father never came back (mostly by threatening to call the cops).
  • Does the character have any close relationships (friendships, rivalries, etc.) with other primary or secondary characters? If so, describe. Landon has a few close male friends, but they can be difficult for him due to his trust issues with men. He does have one best friend, however, Emily. She has been his neighbor and best friend since they were young. It may come as a surprise that they were so close, but, like his mother, she has always been there. Other than Emily and his mother, there was no one else he'd put his full trust in.
  • Is the character associated with any factions/societies/organizations of note? Describe their relationship with each. If the athletic association at his college counts, then yes.
Character Personality:
  • Using at least 6 descriptive keywords, describe the personality of this character:
    • Confident: Landon is an extremely confident individual and doesn't know when to tone it down. He believes there is no one better than him. This could be both a good and bad personality trait. It certainly has gotten him in and out of trouble in the past.
    • Protective: When you become close to Landon, you have someone who will always be there to protect you. He is protective, maybe overly so. He doesn't want anyone he loves and cares about to get hurt.
    • Struggles Trusting Others: Due to his past with his father and the abuse that he has seen, he struggles with trusting others. He struggles more so to trust men, but women aren't much better.
    • Athletic: Landon plays several sports and is often working out. However, he does like to indulge in eating, which accounts for him being slightly overweight and not completely in shape.
    • Cruel: At times, Landon can be very cruel, wanting to hurt others before they hurt him. He has never been broken up with or left, not since his father. He refuses to allow himself to get hurt again and therefore has tendency to push people away with cruel remarks and behaviors.
    • Self-indulgent: In more ways than one, Landon has a self-indulgent personality. He enjoys eating--especially as comfort--and enjoys a lot of sex. It is possible that this also stems from his childhood and being left to his own devices. No one can really tell him what he can and cannot do. He does what and who he pleases.
  • Is your character optimistic, pessimistic or pragmatic? Landon is generally a pessimist, but sometimes can be pragmatic.
  • Describe your character’s level of self confidence and how they convey that to others: Landon is overly confident. He thinks he is God's gift to Earth and no one is able to bring him down from that cloud, aside from maybe Emily.
Character Skills:
  • Describe the character’s intellectual skills and abilities using keywords: Landon doesn't come across as someone who is smart, at least not academically. He does well enough in school, but does struggle. Though his charm and charisma often gets him better the passing grades he needs. Landon is generally more "street smart" due to his upbringing.
  • Describe the character’s combat skills (if applicable) using keywords: Landon has gotten into some fights throughout his life, so he has some combat skills. Also, from playing football and other contact sports, he can be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Describe the character’s profession skills and abilities using keywords: Despite not completely trusting people, he would like to work with them to some capacity. He has thought about doing some sort of coach or engaging in sports management. It's still questionable at this time.
  • Ability #1: Super Speed
  • Ability #2: Persuasion
  • Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives
  • Your Medallion: Golden Lion
Character Weaknesses:
  • Describe any skill weaknesses this character has (things they are poor at): Landon does not do well with working with others due to his trust issues. If he does need to work with people, he is often the one who takes on the leadership position. People do not generally like working with him on group projects as he becomes "pushy."
  • Describe any personality or mental vulnerabilities the character has. Ex. Vulnerability to mind control, easily influenced, naiveté, excessively trusting, etc. Landon's ego often gets in his way. It's tough being someone who thinks he's holier than all the Gods there may be. But, that doesn't mean he can't be taken down a peg. There are topics that can leave him crippled, including his relationship with his father or using the words that his father used to use one him (i.e. how he is worthless and how he should have never been born).
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“Why, hello again,” came the voice of Agent Aisling from behind you, almost as if appearing out of thin air. “Come along, let’s review your paperwork,” she stated beckoning you to follow. Back in the office, Agent Aisling took your stack of paperwork and began to review it as she took a seat in her chair.

“Uh-huh, yes…okay…” She muttered her dark brown eyes scanned over each page. “Looks good…and that looks…wait, what’s that?” She said to herself, “Ah, okay.” Agent Aisling nodded as she continued to scan the papers. She suddenly closed the file and her eyes fixated on you. “It all checks out,” she said with a nod. Your file that she had been holding vanished as she stood. “Well, now that that’s all completed, you’re probably exhausted. Go explore Dream City and meet some of your fellow Dreamers. Don’t forget to find time to try and learn your new abilities and weapons,” she said the last part sternly as she ushered you up and out of the office.

She walked you to the exit of Twilight Tower, realizing that if she hadn’t, you would be wondering around there fore days trying to figure out how to leave. At the door she stopped you, “If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to ask. The Guardians and are here to help you. You may return to Twilight Tower whenever you’d like. And again, don’t forget to train, the battle could be upon us at any moment, it’s best to be prepared. Best of luck!” The tall crystal doors of Twilight Tower shut behind Agent Aisling, now leaving you to your own devices.

You have successfully completed your paperwork. You are now free to start plotting with other players and exploring Dream City!​
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