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"I don't even like sweets that much, but.."

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Sweaty and out of breath, George placed her hands on her knees and bent over, taking a moment to catch her breath. She had never done any exercise or training in her life; at least, not unless it was required by gym class in school. The daggers were clutched in her hand, as she heard Nightmare growl a somewhat compliment towards her direction. "Thanks.. Though man, I am going to have to get into shape", George said bluntly, standing up and using her right, bare hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead. She tugged the curls of her lavender hair out of her face and while Nightmare spoke to her, she walked over to where she noticed holsters and harnesses of various types. It was almost fate that she found a brown leather holster, a spot on each side for her daggers to slip into. Wrapping this around her hips, she buckled it and slid her daggers into the holsters. Walking back to the outer edge of the combat circle, George bent down and grabbed the clipboard that had all of her paperwork attached. Before she could say anything more, George was ushered by Nightmare up the stairs and down the hallway.

There was no doubt in her mind that this was Sweet's room, as the door was pink and white and the air that seeped from the edges of the door had a tinge of something sweet. Nightmare slipped away while she was musing about the air and when she turned to address him, the demon was already gone. "What a weirdo", George murmured before pushing open the door. Immediately, she was greeted with an overwhelming about of colors and sweets. The candy looked delicious and George could feel her mouth salivating, before George grumbled "I don't even like sweets that much, but..". Sweet was already anticipating her, as if she knew the exact moment that George would show up, and the deceivingly old-but-young girl grabbed her hand and led her over to plush beanie bag chairs. Slipping into the lilac beanbag chair, George sunk into it for a moment. It was the most comfortable thing she ever had sat into. She let out a groan of relief as she realized how sore her muscles were becoming from the workout that she just did. When Sweet pulled out a map, George leaned over and watched where she was pointing and nodded along in understanding. When Sweet mentioned the Edge, George's interest became piqued. If Nightmare was from there and he looked like a demon, what other creatures or beings were there? Despite the warnings Sweet gave her, she wanted to find out.

When Sweet mentioned the medallion and asked George to pick something for it, George laid back in the beanbag chair and thought about it for a moment. There were a lot of symbols that popped up in her head and she wasn't quite sure what she should do. After all, if she was going to be wearing this, it should represent her as a person or at least what she valued. Then George thought about bees. They were her favorite animal and the thought of a bee on her medallion made her smile. Turning the corner of her lips up as she rested her honey eyes on Sweet, she opened her mouth. "I want a bee on it", she said, raising her chin a little bit as if she was defending her decision against the youthful being. "What exactly is going to be..attached.. to it?", she inquired, raising an eyebrow at her as her fingers held onto the clipboard that she has been carrying around with her.

Sweet Dream

The Guardians
Sweet was SO happy that George had decided to come and visit her. It took everything in her not to pull the sweaty… “Ew…why is she sweaty? Oh! I bet Nighty had her practicing,” she thought to herself, her sparkling blue eyes taking notice of the girl’s new weapons. The sweat did deter Sweet from pulling the girl into a hug. One day though, she would get her hug. But not now! Now, she needed to explain things to the poor thing that has probably been tossed from one Guardian to the next without much of a reason as to what she was doing in Dream City.

Once she had went through her spiel, she smiled brightly at George, who Sweet personally felt was going to do an excellent job of helping to protect the dream world. She needed to commemorate this special occasion and new arrival! THE MEDALLION! Sweet watched as George leaned back in the beanbag chair after she had asked her about what she would want her medallion to look like. Meanwhile, Sweet was on the edge of her seat, waiting and wondering what the girl would pick. A smile appeared on the girl’s lips, which make Sweet feel that much giddier.

“I want a bee on it,” George stated. Sweet jumped up from her chair question, “OKAY!” She shouted as she dashed off to her workstation without answering George’s question. “A little of this, a little of that,” she said to herself followed by an “Almost finished!” Once completed, Sweet turned excitedly before plopping back down in her chair. “Here you go,” she said as she reached out the small pendant—about two inches around and wide--that was fixed to what looked like a safety pin. In the center of a shiny, light green disc with gold trimming around the edges, sat a plump, yellow and black honeybee that looked so detailed and real, that it may fly off at any moment. Around the disc were small jewels, akin to diamonds, but if you were to look closely enough there was something different about them.

“I hope you like it!” Sweet said as she handed you the medallion to pin it wherever you pleased. “It will stay where you put it,” she reassured, “you could put it on your top, on the belt with your daggers, wherever you put it, it will stay.” Sweet nodded in a matter-of-fact sort of way before a huge smile appeared once more on her face, knowing there was more to the medallion than meets the eye, but she figured she would let be a little secret, at least for now. “Well, that’s all I have for you! It looks like you’ve met with all of the Guardians! CONGRATULATIONS!” She said as confetti started to fall from the ceiling in celebration. She giggled and clapped her hands before taking your hand in hers and pulling you gently toward the door.

“Now it’s time to go back to Agent Aisling to submit your paperwork. Don’t forget to write that you received a bee medallion!” Sweet showed you back to the door and pointed back down the hall you had originally come from. “Just follow the hall until you get back to the office. Let Agent Aisling know that you’ve done with your paper work and then go have fun and explore! But remember,” she stopped, her face getting dark, “do not go to The Edge.” Sweet’s smile returned, “Come by any time!” She giggled before shutting her door behind you.

**At this time, return to your character sheet in The Office. Once complete, change your prefix to [Check] to indicate you have done all of your final editing.**​
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