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"How bad could the place really be?"

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Violet wiped the sweat from her brow, her breath coming quickly to her. She took a second to take a deep breath before following Nightmare out from his domain. “Was that a compliment?” She wondered to herself, almost shocked into silence. Violet was surprised by his warning of not angering Sweet. She seemed so…sweet! There’s no way that little girl had so much anger that it even seemed to make this demon nervous, was there? Before she knew it, she was standing in front of a bright pink door, it was almost blinding if it hadn’t been for the white accents. She turned to Nightmare to ask a question, but he had already vanished, “People come and go so quickly here,” she muttered the famous quote to herself before pushing open the door.

She jumped upon seeing Sweet Dream standing right inside the door. “What the…!” Her dark brown eyes blinked, adjusting to how close Sweet was to her. Before she could say more, Violet was being pulled along by Sweet. She gestured to a large, red beanbag chair that sat beside her. Violet took a seat and instantly felt like she was on a cloud, or at least, what she felt a cloud would feel like. It was the most comfortable chair she had ever sat in. Her attention was brought back to Sweet as she started talking, very quickly.

Following along as she pointed to different areas on the map, Violet started to realize how big Dream City actually was. She had been to cities before, for sure, but from only being in Twilight Tower, she couldn’t image how much was going on outside of it. It caught her off-guard when Sweet’s demeanor seemed to change slightly as she pointed out The Edge. Before she knew it, a map was being pushed into her hand. Nightmare came from The Edge, so how bad could the place really be? Still, it was probably best to heed her warning, just in case. Sweet was back to her normal, bright self instantly after finishing discussing The Edge.

“A medallion?” Violet asked, feeling somewhat giddy about a gift from the young girl. There was something about getting a small piece of jewelry from Sweet that made her feel warm, even if she wasn’t really into wearing jewelry. Violet thought for a minute before smiling, “I’ve got it!” She exclaimed! “How about a key?”

Sweet Dream

The Guardians
Sweet LOVED to have visitors! It took everything in her not to attack Violet as she opened the door. But it did seem like she took the young woman off-guard by standing right at the door. This made Sweet giggle slightly, but no matter, Violet would forgive her, she was sure of this. Sweet knew, she needed to explain things to the poor thing that had probably been tossed from one Guardian to the next without much of a reason as to what she was doing in Dream City.

Once she had went through her spiel, she smiled brightly at Violet, who she was sure would be ready in no time to fight to defend the dream world. She needed to commemorate this special occasion and new arrival! THE MEDALLION! Sweet watched as Violet as she seemed to thoughtfully decide what she wanted her medallion to look like. Meanwhile, Sweet was on the edge of her seat, waiting and wondering what the girl would pick. A smile appeared on the girl’s lips, which make Sweet feel that much giddier.

“How about a key?” Violet requested. Sweet jumped up from her chair question, “OKAY!” She shouted as she dashed off to her workstation. There, she molded, twisted and turned the jewelry in her hands as created something special for Violet. “A little of this, a little of that,” she said to herself followed by an “Almost finished!” Once completed, Sweet turned excitedly before plopping back down in her chair. “Here you go,” she said as she reached out the small pendant—a golden key with the shape of a castle as the bow of the key, a small crescent moon at the top of one of the castle’s towers. The key was outlined with small jewels, akin to diamonds, but if you were to look closely enough, there would be something different about them.

“I hope you like it,” Sweet said excitedly. She took a matching gold chain and laced it through the top of the key, creating a necklace, which she placed gently around Violet’s neck. She took a step back and smiled at her handy work. A huge smile appeared once more on her face, knowing there was more to the medallion than meets the eye, but she figured she would let be a little secret, at least for now. “Well, that’s all I have for you! It looks like you’ve met with all of the Guardians! CONGRATULATIONS!” She said as confetti started to fall from the ceiling in celebration. She giggled and clapped her hands before taking your hand in hers and pulling you gently toward the door.

“Now it’s time to go back to Agent Aisling to submit your paperwork. Don’t forget to write that you received a key medallion!” Sweet showed you back to the door and pointed back down the hall you had originally come from. “Just follow the hall until you get back to the office. Let Agent Aisling know that you’re done with your paper work and then go have fun and explore! But remember,” she stopped, her face getting dark, “do not go to The Edge.” Sweet’s smile returned, “Come by any time!” She giggled before shutting her door behind you.

**At this time, return to your character sheet in The Office. Once complete, change your prefix to [Check] to indicate you have done all of your final editing.**​
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