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The entrance creeks open as Derek enters the place. Right now, he wants to smoke. However, those aren't here and they may not help anyway. Plus, most libraries frown upon smoking in his time. He suspects that's a universal law of some sort.

Hazel eyes scan over the place slowly. His long grey coat almost billows like a cloak. "Hello?" he cries out. Just in case, he reaches for his sidearm. And that's gone too. A heavy sigh leaves his lips. "Next time I come here, I'm coming better equipped," he mutters to himself. Yes, he got the pitch. Somehow he is in a dream world that interacts with several different times, and places. The dreams need help, and the latest number is a Detective from Ohio.

He wonders why him because people like Joan of Arc should be here. The notable, and noteworthy. Derek will be lucky to be more than a couple blips due to memorable arrests. But that's local stuff. The local stuff gets buried by state, and national, heroes. "Seriously, I think you picked the wrong guy, but I'll help out anyway," even if he had a choice, Derek wouldn't wake up. At least not right away. And he knows it.

The man's simple steel two shoes don't really announce his steps, but he is not trying to be stealthy anyway. A hand runs over the three-o-clock shadow on his face, and his slightly disheveled hair. A thought slaps him upside the head. "I don't dream about the weapons, but I remember the stubble? What the hell," he sighs again. Simple jeans are around his legs, they don't cling to him, but they're not the baggiest thing out there. It's all about comfort. Anyone from a modern time, or world, would see this man is from a similar era. To others, he may be dressed funny.

Pausing at the sight of Proph, Derek gives a simple wave. "Hello," he says. All of this is still overwhelming. Proph goes through the situation. That he can have two powers. Anything the mind can dream of. He does have dreams of being a werewolf. "Ummm. I don't know. I don't dream of super-human goodies. I mean if someone wants to be Superman, that gives them multiple powers, right? I don't know? Danger sense. Lycanthrope with all the bells and whistles? Is that too far?" he asks curiously as he watches the Proph for a moment.
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Prophetic Dream

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The human seemed somewhat uncertain, perhaps he had come in too roughly when he first arrived. No matter, he seemed well enough to work out what he may want as his abilities.

“Hmm…” Prophetic pondered on what was being requested as abilities. “Yes,” he said nodding his head, “I believe danger sense and Lycanthrope would work well. And they sound reasonable overall, they will do indeed.” Proph moved closer, taking a moment to ponder once more about these abilities, “Do know, that you will need to develop these powers of yours. Do not expect yourself to be able to use them flawlessly in the beginning. Remember, using your abilities will tire you; however, they will come in handy.” He smiled softly as he placed his hand on your shoulder. A warm glow emitting from under his hand. “It has been done,” he said softly before taking a step back. “Now, you will have to practice and develop your abilities, but I’m sure you will catch on quickly,” he said with a reassuring smile. “Let us go, it’s time for your next stop. Don’t forget to add your abilities to your paperwork from Agent Aisling, she will be most pleased to see it being completed,” he said as he began to lead you to the entrance of The Library.

**At this time, you should add your abilities to your Character Sheet and then make your way to The War Room**
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