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New member
I am Dream. My character is Derek Walker.

More about me: I am an avid role-player with 20 years experience in various mediums. I need the creative outlet due to everything happening out in the world. Plus, I have three to four days off. I do have free-time because of it. However, my schedule is set in stone. My RPs between Saturday and Monday will be sparse because I work 12 hour shifts each night. A reply, or two, may happen. Any active event on those nights, I'm currently unavailable.

Not sure what else people want to know, but I am open to tell it. I look forward to rping with people.


Dream Weavers
Staff member
Hello there, Dream! Welcome to Dream City RPG! I can completely understand and relate to needing a creative outlet with everything going on in the world. Other than RPing, is there anything else that you enjoy doing for fun?

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself! I'm LunarScorpio, but please feel free to call me Lunar! I'm the admin here; though, I must admit I've been super lax about being around with other stuff going on. But I plan to change that, so I will hopefully see you around soon! Here are some helpful links to visit to get to know the place a bit better:

In case you needed a guide to see what to do for the main story roleplay
Rules for the website
A link to join our Discord

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!