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General Goals for the Immediate Future


Dream Weavers
Staff member
I was thinking about what my goals are for this weekend and decided, why not make it into a thread? So here I am! What are you goals? Not necessarily for far into the future, but more in the immediate future. For example, what are your goals for this weekend or this upcoming week? Do you have any goals for the month? Let's talk future goals for the immediate future!


Nothing much this weekend tbh. Just going to chill out and do my thing. I usually just browse the net, watch tv, spend some family time. There's not much to do with everything that's going on tbh and the weather isn't so great today!


New member
Currently nothing long term consdiering we have to survive this corona thing. So travel and the outdoor is out of bucket list. I may consider getting online job apart from the offline job that I am doing. Weekend wise just browsing and being with family. Nothing more than that. I can tell you there is a lot of to go ahead for.


For me I’d like to lose weight mostly for health reasons plus to feel better about myself. Other then that maybe read and write more.


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