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Dream City: A History

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Prophetic Dream

The Guardians
Hello Young One! So, you’re interested in the history of Dream City? Well, take a seat and let me tell you the tale.

Since the beginning of time, there have been dreams. Morpheus, the God of sleep and dreams weaved the world of dreams for all the living beings to visit when they fall to sleep. As time drew on and the living beings morphed and evolved, so did the dreams. The amount of being entering into dreams at a time became a struggle for even Morpheus. It was because of this, that Morpheus determined he would need an apprentice. I was that apprentice.

Morpheus put me in place of human dreams. He taught me everything he knew and much more than I needed to know, I’m sure. I helped weave the humans’ dreams, taking bits and pieces from their own lives to intertwine along with things that they could have never imagined. The humans became…complicated, as time went on and it was then that I decided I too needed apprentices. Someone to help with the humans’ happiest dreams and with their worst, because of course there needs to be a balance between light and dark. This is why I brought in Nightmare and then Sweet Dream, while they helped facilitate dreams, I continued to learn not only about the humans, but everything else as well. It was not long before Agent Felicity Aisling arrived. Well, with the bickering going on between Sweet and Nightmare over who controlled what. It was Agent Aisling who determined they needed their own space.

Both Sweet and Nightmare were granted their own realms; however, one day Nightmare’s realm was taken over by one of his underlings who determined Nightmare was going too “soft” on the humans, heh. This is where our story begins. In order to protect as many humans and their dreams as we could, I created Dream City. Twilight Tower was created to be the center of the city, the place where The Guardians would remain to work to regain Nightmare’s realm. It wasn’t long before we knew we would need help. It was determined we would recruit the humans to help, which we acknowledged could be dangerous but necessary.

That is where our story begins. You are here to help us defeat the evil that is growing in Nightmare’s realm. We are unable to see what is exactly to come, but I foresee it will destroy everything if we cannot defeat it. It will not be easy to defeat them or to restore balance. This…this is why we need your help. Are you ready to begin?

If you are, prepare yourself to Enter Dream City
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