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Private Date Night

"There is no fear in love; perfect love casts out fear." John 4:18

Gabriel never thought much of love. In school, there had been talks of relationships with marriage and children, but Gabriel never participated much in them. The boys around him focused on the young women they saw in town and spoke of their looks. They had asked Gabriel what his perfect wife would look like and he would shrug. Give vague enough answers to satisfy until he was left alone once more to think of the young men he had seen in church. He was always attracted to ones who seemed to be content with themselves. Who painted their nails and wore makeup and didn't care about the stares they got.

So it was easy to be interested in Nathaniel. He was fashion blind but confident in himself. Despite his... lewd way of speaking, Gabriel wished to speak with him more.

Gabriel had invited him over. For dinner. And a movie. To get to know each other better.

He was sure he was going to embarrass himself this evening.

Gabriel sighed and rubbed his face. He crossed his arms and looked down at his bed where he had two outfits picked out. One was simple yet classy. A button-up short-sleeved shirt and dark jeans. The other was more relaxed. A white shirt and light blue jeans. Gabriel rubbed his chin. Nathaniel probably wouldn't care but... Gabriel did. He picked up the button-up shirt and pulled it on. He stood in front of his mirror as his hands worked on the buttons. He paused as he reached the top of the shirt. He left two buttons open. His necklaces, all three of them, caught in the light. He pulled on his jeans and tucked his shirt in before slipping on his socks and grabbing his sword.

Gabriel entered the kitchen and set the sword on the island countertop. He had decided to make a lasagna for them for the evening. Perhaps he would open one of the bottles of wine too. He shook his head and pushed the thoughts aside. He began to pull out the ingredients for the lasagna. maybe he could make garlic bread too... He looked up as the doorbell rang. Was... Nathaniel already here. he flushed and walked to the door quickly, opening it up to look at his guest.


Dream Watchers
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God, how he missed Miss Maisie. She used to do this for him. He was hunched over his surprisingly dainty feet, painting his toenails bubblegum pink as Elton John played in the background. Nathaniel bobbed along to the music, mouthing the words as he continued painting his toenails. It was a big night for him. Sure, Nathaniel was known for flirting his way through Louisiana and has definitely had his fair share of one night stands, but tonight was a date. A date. Him. How grown. After meeting Gabriel in the bar with everyone else, Nathaniel knew that he had to meet this tall, dark, and handsome fellow privately so he could get to know him- preferably get to know all of him. After not so subtly flirting and whispering that they should meet privately in Gabriel's ear, it wasn't long before Gabriel offered him an invitation to come over to his place. To say he was excited would be an understatement, but to say he also wasn't ridden with anxiety would also be an understatement. Nathaniel wanted to make a statement, but he also wanted to impress Gabriel.

So what outfit would do? Nathaniel tore through his closet, pulling out a different array of fabrics and colors, tossing aside a skirt, a kilt, fishnets, anything that he could get his hands on. "Gotcha!", Nathaniel exclaimed out in glee, grabbing onto an oversized suit jacket and pulling out. It was just like the one he had outside of Dream City. He bought it off a man in New Orleans for $200, right off his back, because he was so infatuated with the bulky size. He would wear it as a dress. After excusing himself to the bathroom, showering, primping, and shaving his legs so they were nice and smooth, Nathaniel slipped on the jacket. It was only long enough to reach the middle of his thigh. It made his legs look great. The shoulder slipped off of Nathaniel for a moment so he corrected it, then pulled out a large, thick black belt and cinched it around his waist. Now he was in business. The over-sized jacket turned into a black, very short dress, showing off his legs and his waist with the belt. Going to the bathroom, Nathaniel posed in the mirror, bending over a bit to show off his ass, flexing in the mirror a bit, blowing kisses to himself, before he grabbed one of his lipsticks to apply. The color was "Vampire Red" and it was a deep, rich red that looked amazing with his skin tone.

Slipping on some matching red heels, Nathaniel checked himself in the mirror. "Mmm, darling, you can get it", he purred to himself before grabbing his belongings and heading over to Gabriel's place. The outside was.. beautiful. It made his home look like a little cabin. "What kind of prejudice is going on?", Nathaniel muttered, shaking his head as he clicked along the sidewalk. A few people were outside their homes, eyeing Nathaniel, to which Nathaniel blew them kisses and cried out a "Hello!" before marching straight up to Gabriel's door. A few seconds after he knocked, the door opened, and Nathaniel was greeted with a rather dressed up Gabriel. He looked delicious to Nathaniel. His mouth watered a little bit. "Sorry if I'm early, sugar, there's such a thing as fashionably early". He stepped inside, his red heels clicking on the floor. Spying a table, Nathaniel set down his belongings and turned to Gabriel, playfully posing for him in his outfit, "Do you like my outfit, darling?", Nathaniel asked, winking at Gabriel.
Gabriel felt his heart skip not one but two beats as he looked over Nathaniel in his outfit. "It isn't a problem." He said, smiling at Nathaniel. Eyes roaming over him. The way the belt synched around his waist, the hint at almost nothing underneath, those heels making his legs look fantastic... The lipstick also stirred Gabriel's interest. Was it smudge-proof? He certainly hoped so. Gabriel closed the door after Nathaniel stepped inside, taking a little peek at his date's rear. "You look... Amazing."

Wine was definitely going to be part of their menu this evening. Nathaniel seemed like the type to enjoy a glass or three when the time was right.

Gabriel followed Nathaniel as he walked to the kitchen-dining room and continued on back to his countertop. Gabriel glanced at Nathaniel as his hands worked on making the lasagna. The gentle glow of the ceiling lights cast beautifully on the other man and made him look... "angelic..." Gabriel flushed as he realized he spoke aloud. He ducked his head down to finish layering the meat, cheese, tomato sauce, and sheets of lasagna. He found it soothing to create the layers. He had been taught by one of the local nuns how to create this and so many other dishes. He was grateful for her now as he worked. The oven beeped behind him, signaling that it was finished preheating and it was ready. Gabriel glanced up and blushed again as he caught Nathaniel's eye.

Gabriel felt like a babbling fool in front of Nathaniel. He hadn't ever been like this before, unable to fully articulate himself in the presence of another man. Gabriel pushed those thoughts aside. He pulled out two wine glasses and set them on the island counter. He tucked the lasagna into the oven and set a timer. "It should be ready in an hour or so. We can talk over drinks. What would you like?"

Gabriel walked over to a cabinet and opened it. Inside was a built-in beer fridge, housing a variety of wines and beers. "Stronger stuff is by the bar."


Dream Watchers
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If there was one thing Nathaniel excelled at, it was picking up social cues and facial expressions. It has come to his aid in many situations, including convincing his way out of trouble with the police when they found him naked, walking down the street back in 2014. It was a simple misunderstanding, really Officer. So when he stepped inside Gabriel's home and felt Gabriel's eyes looking up and down, the eyes staying on his back as he walked over to drop off his belongings, Nathaniel was able to pick up the lust dripping off of Gabriel. After posing for Gabriel and having him compliment him, Nathaniel's ears grew hot and his face flushed slightly, though he cleared his throat and tried to move past it. It was very unlike Nathaniel to blush or get shy. He felt like a little schoolchild who had a crush on someone. Maybe all Nathaniel had to do was pass a poorly written note to Gabriel and have him circle yes or no if he indeed liked Nathaniel.

Walking to the kitchen with Gabriel, his red heels clicking on the floor as he sauntered towards the counter, his hips swayed left to right, almost hypnotically in tune with the click of his heels. Nathaniel hoped Gabriel was watching him. Leaning against the counter, Nathaniel kept eyes on Gabriel as he put the lasagna together. It was soothing, watching him bent over, focusing on making every layer perfect. In the glowing light, Gabriel looked beautiful and Nathaniel's eyes trailed from Gabriel's lips, down to the three necklaces around his neck, down to the front of his pants. "Mmm", Nathaniel said aloud, not bothering to hide the fact that he was lusting just a smidge. Gabriel murmured aloud "angelic" and Nathaniel felt his ears get warm again. No. This was not his standard. He needed to be his usual confident, bubbly self. But as Gabriel peeked at him, blushing, Nathaniel smiled a wide, dimpled smile at him, winking subtly before Gabriel put the lasagna in.

"Well now that you're not busy..", Nathaniel started, ".. Now we can get comfortable, darling. Alcohol is always a good start to that". Nathaniel walked over to the cabinet where everything was stored, making sure to press his warm body slightly into Gabriel's side. His heart fluttered at the feeling of how sturdy he was. "Mmm, a white sounds good to me. Maybe this Riesling?", he said, pointing to a lovely looking bottle tucked into the corner of the cabinet. He would let Gabriel reach that, the tall behemoth that he was. Nathaniel was into behemoths though. Once the wine was poured, Nathaniel took a large gulp of it, letting out a "Mmm" and he moved to the island, moving stuff to the side and jumping up on the counter for a sit. His legs dangling slightly, his heels slipping off and revealing his bright pink toenails. Another grateful gulp of wine. "Come here sugar", Nathaniel purred, motioning for Gabriel to come over. Once he was close enough, Nathaniel set down his glass and looped his fingers in the belt loops on Gabriel's pants and pulled his hips against Nathaniel. Nathaniel was painfully aware of how close their parts were.

"Tell me about yourself, darling", Nathaniel drawled, his face close to Gabriel's as they stayed in that position to talk. Reaching for another sip, Nathaniel held his glass and drank from it. The wine truly was delicious, but not quite as delicious as the man in front of him.
Gabriel had also been able to pick up upon some of Nathaniel's own primal desires. He had grown accustomed to watching people and picking out pieces of their body language for signs of what might come next from them. The way Nathaniel looked at him made Gabriel remember his first time viewing the statue of David by Michelangelo. The lust he had felt. It seemed to be mirrored on Nathaniel's face as he worked. One could compare Gabriel's own form to the statue's. The well-defined musculature and calm look on their faces. Perhaps, Gabriel was made in the statue's image and not Gods'.

Gabriel had taken down the bottle of Riesling for Nathaniel, nodding. "Yes. The store owner practically shoved it in my hands once I had arrived in the store." He chuckled as he poured their glasses and handed Nathaniel his. Once their glasses were both filled he corked it once more and left it on the counter. He watched Nathaniel move gracefully to the island counter and perch himself on it. The man was cat-like. Perfectly groomed and polished and- Oh. Gabriel's eyes trailed down and spotted his painted nails. Nail polish always intrigues Gabriel and he would be lying if he said he hadn't thought of hands with perfectly polished nails running over his form. Maybe next time Nathaniel would to his hands as well...

Gabriel followed Nathaniel's gentle command. He set his glass next to him once he was yanked closer, trying not to spill a drop of the precious liquid. Their bodies were so close. Gabriel swallowed as he examined Nathaniel's face up close. His features were perfect. Oil painting worthy.

"What's there to tell?" His voice was low. Gabriel did wish to know the man he was standing in front of. Wanted to know the simple facts and the complex truths. But would Nathaniel feel the same if he spoke of his own childhood..? Possibly... He wasn't scared off yet. "mother died when I was three months, my priest father raised me on my own. All boy schools until I turned 16. Ran away, became a bodyguard for hire. That's all there is to it."


Dream Watchers
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It definitely wasn't Nathaniel's first rodeo. Flirting was second nature to him, in fact, he welcomed any and all attention he could get. It was the attention and adoration Nathaniel received that mattered, rather than who was the person providing it to him. However, this was..different. Gabriel's attention- his eyes lingering, his slight flush of his cheeks when he got embarrassed, and the obvious nerves he had around Nathaniel- it was refreshing. Everything was electrifying about Gabriel. As Nathaniel's eyes devoured and poured over Gabriel's body, he bit his lip to prevent himself from exhaling a lusty groan. He could feel the back of his throat clench slightly and he gripped the counter top as if it were about to stop him from toppling over. A particular favorite Elton John lyric popped into his head as he noticed Gabriel's beautiful eyes. Anyways, the thing is, what I really mean. Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen. The young, awkward kid he used to be was screaming inside, begging for the handsome man in front of him to notice him and take him.

Nathaniel's lily-pad colored eyes brushed over Gabriel's face, noticing that the man was inspecting him when he hopped up onto the counter. Gabriel's eyes lingered on his painted toenails and instinctively, Nathaniel curled his toes in shyness. Why was he being so shy? Nathaniel was known for his abundance of confidence. This man was destroying him and he had no idea how much of Nathaniel he held in his hands. Already. Just on their first date. Gabriel's eyes went to his fingers and Nathaniel grumbled internally. He should have taken the time to paint his fingernails. He made a mental note that Gabriel was looking for it and took another gulp of the Riesling. The quality wine was delicious and tasted like happiness, though it did nothing to parch his dry throat. Nathaniel definitely had ideas of how Gabriel could help quench his thirst.

When Gabriel mentioned his background briefly, Nathaniel raised his eyebrows. Not only did the bodyguard for hire thing pique his curiosity, but also the fact that Gabriel was so brief about it made Nathaniel think there was more to the story. "Like a bodyguard...for who? Or what?", Nathaniel murmured, his eyes lingering on Gabriel's lips as he became painfully aware of how close.. how achingly close they were. Nathaniel's right foot playfully brushed up against Gabriel's pant leg, just light enough to feel it but not enough to make his knees buckle. Another shift and Nathaniel got even closer, as impossible as it seemed. "So, if I needed some protection, I would just call you..?", Nathaniel whispered, his lips nearly brushing against Gabriel as he leaned into the male. Just as their lips were about to touch, Nathaniel pulled back and hopped off the counter, taking another sip of his alcohol before flashing a goofy smile at the male, ignoring the blush of his own cheeks. "Some dancing perhaps?".

Grabbing his phone, and then Gabriel's hand, Nathaniel led Gabriel back to the living room area. He toggled his phone on and opened up Spotify, which miraculously seemed to work in this god-forsaken dream world. Angel by Aerosmith started over the speakers. As the lyrics blared, Nathaniel gently sung along to the beginning lyrics, " I'm alone, yeah, I don't know if I can face the night ", while grabbing Gabriel and bringing him close, gently swaying them in a rhythm. Nathaniel, despite the fact he was definitely average height, quickly realized how Gabriel towered over him- especially without his red heels on. It almost felt as if Nathaniel should step onto Gabriel's feet and hold on like a child. Looking up at Gabriel, he licked his lips before smiling. "Don't mention my softness to the other guys.. I got a reputation to upkeep".
While it wasn’t Nathaniel’s first rodeo, it certainly was Gabriel’s. He’d never grown used to the attention others gave him. Even when Gabriel was attracted to the person giving him attention, he never grew comfortable. Perhaps part of him always expected it to come with strings attached. Like the person giving him attention would want more than simple reciprocation. That they would want his body instead of his attention. It scared him. Being vulnerable with those he didn’t know well always made him feel sick to his stomach. But Nathaniel seemed different than everyone else. The way Nathaniel looked up at him with lusty eyes made Gabriel squirm inside. He felt like a pinned butterfly, but one that could stare back.

Nathaniel’s eyes were beautiful. The green was vibrant which contrasted with his red hair and made him look almost ethereal. The way he held himself and his outfit only conveyed that further. He looked like a fairy or a spirit who came to give Gabriel what his heart most desired. Which was… Well, Gabriel didn’t quite know yet. Did he want a boyfriend or someone to fool around with? He pushed away the thoughts and refocused on the gorgeous man in front of him. The way Nathaniel held himself and drank from his wine glass conveyed simple power. Almost like he was used to things like this. Gabriel could clearly picture him surrounded by other beautiful people, laughing and drinking wine on a luxurious couch.

His thoughts were interrupted by Nathaniel’s simple questions about what Gabriel did in the waking world. Gabriel swallowed thickly as Nathaniel’s lips grew close. The way this man teased him so gently made his heart speed up. Surely he could speak about some of what he did… NDA’s surely didn’t apply to dreams, yes?

“Yes, a bodyguard. For Tobias Kuran, the son of Johnathan Kuran whose the current CEO of Kuran Industries. Tobias is the sole heir to the company. They mainly make medical supplies so you may not have heard of them.” Words flowed easier thanks to the fabulous wine they had been drinking. Easier to talk about his work than if he hadn’t drunk anything at all. Gabriel chuckled softly as he thought of Nathaniel’s second question.

“Perhaps.” He said. Gabriel set his hands on Nathaniel’s hips. “Would have to talk to my boss first.”

At the suggestion of dancing and Nathaniel pulling away from him, Gabriel followed with a nod. “Why not?” He replied with his own smile.

Gabriel wrapped his arms around Nathaniel’s hips. His hands were warm against his skin, even though the dress Nathaniel wore. Gabriel hummed along with the music, easily swaying with the music. The way Nathaniel easily crooned along with the lyrics made Gabriel smile. He must have listened to this one repeatedly. Enough to easily sing along with it at least. “Don’t plan on it, sweetheart.” He whispered back to Nathaniel. He gently rubbed Nathaniel’s side, large hand settling on his hip. “Long as you keep my softness quiet too.”