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Private Books and Bonding [Anatol & Sweet Dream]

Sweet Dream

The Guardians
Her shoes clicked softly against the stone steps of Twilight Tower. Meeting with new humans could be exhausting, but quite pleasurable. She stretched her arms up toward the sky before letting them fall down by her sides once more. Sweet Dream conjured a small lollipop before skipping down the rest of the steps. She needed a bit of a break and to get out of Twilight Tower for a short bit. It wasn’t often The Guardians left the tower. It was not a good idea to let the place sit on its own for too long. Who knew if someone may have been trying to gain access to it? And if anyone were to take over Twilight Tower, it would be disastrous. But she had checked with the others before she left the building, so it was safe.

Sweet’s big blue eyes looked around as she walked down the road. She waved and smiled at the people who passed her by. It was nice to get out and see the Dream City folx. It was always such a joy to see them happy and at ease, the way she had tried to always make them feel. She had decided to make her way to the clearing, a place she enjoyed going to so that she could relax. It was always so peaceful there. She began to skip and twirl as she made her way down the road, happily sucking on her lollipop, not a care in the world, at least for the time being. She wasn’t paying attention when she found herself colliding with another figure.

“Oh no!” She squealed as she turned bright read, “I’m SO sorry!” She apologized profusely even before looking up at who she had bumped into. “What can I do to show how sorry I am? Do you want me to conjure you up something sweet?” She asked and without waiting for an answer, she was holding a large éclair in the palm of her hand, holding it out to the stranger. It was then that she looked up. Her head tilted as she smiled brightly, “Oh Anatol! I didn’t expect to bump into you here. Sorry again for running into you, I wasn’t paying attention,” she explained apologetically. “Hey, listen,” she started, “I’m on my way to the clearing for a bit. Would you like to join me? It’s beautiful there and maybe I can help you learn some about your powers. What do you say?” Her bright smile never faltered and though she had just wanted a break from interacting with humans, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to try to bond with them.
Anatol had been heading back to the large tower, arms crammed full of books for Sweet Dreams. They didn't notice the odd looks shot their way as they were too focused on their destination to care. Their boots clicked on the street as they walked with carefully measured steps, their gait almost deer-like as they walked. It was exhausting meeting new people but Anatol hoped they could relax with Sweet Dreams and eat more of the pastries... They were so good....

Anatol stumbled back as they bumped into a woman, too deep in their thoughts to realize who it was. their grip tightened on their books as they began to glare down at whoever dared disturb their walk. Their tense muscles relaxed as they realized it was Sweet Dreams in front of them. She was already chattering a million miles a minute and holding out an éclair to them. Anatol reached out and took it with a gloved hand to nibble on as she realized it was just them. Anatol smiled at her around a mouthful of the chocolate pastry.

"Is okay. I would like to come and practice powers with you." Their Belarusian accent thickened as their pale cheeks went pink. Anatol nodded and adjusted themselves, holding their books tighter with one arm as they ate the éclair. They nodded to Sweet Dreams. "Go. I follow close behind."

Sweet Dream

The Guardians
“Delightful!” Sweet Dream said gleefully as she clapped her hands together, a large smile sprawled across her face. “Oh, yeah,” as she thought for a moment, “You like cinnamon buns, right? That’s what you grabbed when you were in my Boutique if I remember correctly. And I do because I never forget about sweets,” she said matter-of-factually. Sweet handed Anatol two cinnamon buns before brushing past him, signaling for him to follow her. “Don’t get lost now,” she said with a soft laugh. Sweet led the way down the street and out of the city.

Before long, they came across the Clearing. A beautiful field of tall grass and flowers. A warm breeze blew, blowing her dress to the side ever so slightly, but not enough to reveal anything. She loved to visit the clearing, it was so peaceful and calm. It helped her to think—especially in dire times. Though those who populate Dream City were unaware of the dangers lurking, Sweet was well aware of what was happening. The Guardians now had weekly meetings in attempts to figure out what to do to continue to hold off the darkness. It was imperative that the Dreamers learned to utilize their powers and weapons to fight the threat. If she could help even just one get started in this process, she was sure that would be helpful. Soon, they probably wouldn’t have much of a choice but to hold something bigger in order for all The Dreamers to learn how to harness their powers.

Sweet walked until they were well within the Clearing before turning to Anatol. “Let’s work on your Telekinesis. If we start small, it shouldn’t exhaust you too much,” she explained. “But first,” she paused looking at the books in their arms, “what are all those books?” She said with a questioning look on her face. “Maybe we can work on you lifting one of them,” she thought pointing at one of the smaller books. “What do you think?”
Anatol listened to Sweet Dream ramble with a small smile on their face. They took the cinnamon buns eagerly and held them close as they followed her closely. They would never get lost following her. Their eyes would always be on her if they were in the same area. Anatol was a SIMP for her.

Once the pair arrived at the Clearing, Anatol looked around. They finished off their cinnamon rolls and wiped their hands on their pants. They nodded at her words and set the books down at their feet. They stretched quickly and rolled their shoulders back. At her question, they blushed heavily.

"For you." They mumbled out. "To keep and some to read to me." They nudged the stack with the toe of their boot. Anatol looked up at her shyly. "If you want too."