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Open Book Shopping

After being hurried out by the Agent lady, Anatol was left to wander the streets of Dream City alone. they had considered going and sitting more with the baker lady but decided against it for now. They wanted to get her something to say thank you for their medallion. But what would she like..? A dessert..? No, she obviously made plenty by herself. And jewelry was off the table too. Anatol huffed, cheeks flushing red. Why was this so hard?

Anatol was deep in thought as they walked through the city. Many people watched them go by with some mild interest. Albinism was a rare condition after all. Nobody approached them as their butcher's knives were shining in the light. Anatol had them strapped to leather bands on their thighs to keep them within easy reach. Children would give them a wide berth as to not be cut by the potentially deadly blades. Anatol continued to ignore their surroundings as they walked.

They slowly came to a halt in front of a large bookstore. It was three stories tall and Anatol could see that it was packed with books. There were some people inside, browsing the selections. Anatol bit their lower lip before heading inside.

Anatol gasped quietly when they stepped through the door. The smell of coffee and cakes hit their nose as well as the scent of books. Anatol would have to look at the cafe after they found something for Sweet to enjoy reading. Anatol began to walk around the first floor. They could understand some of the titles and got the gist of the children's books. The simpler the book the easier it was for them to understand. Disappointed that they had yet to find anything, Anatol headed to the second floor. Maybe someone could help them out.


Dream Weavers
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Landon couldn’t help but feel as though he was being shoved out of Twilight Tower by the Special Agent. The large doors closed behind him without so much of an indication as to what he should be doing now. He groaned, rubbing his temples with his fingers before allowing his hands to fall. His crystal blue eyes scanned his surroundings, the tall toward stood behind him while the in front of him was what looked like a city. Landon couldn’t tell for sure how big it was, but he supposed it was where he would start his exploration of the new place. He strolled down the stairs slowly, skipping a step here and there, contemplating what he would look for first. He wasn’t hungry or thirsty after visiting with Sweet Dream, but maybe he could find something else to do for the time being.

He took notice of all of the inhabitants of Dream City. It was almost as though he were in reality, that is if he truly believed to be in a dream world. The streets were lined with different eateries and shops, which seemed to be filled with occupants. It was almost like they were run and managed like any other place he had been. Landon found it to be peculiar, why would someone want to work while in their dreams? Were these people dreaming of their dream jobs? That was quite literal. He pondered on this while looking into one of the clothing stores. It did seem like it was filled with people, so maybe that was the case. He shrugged his shoulders and continued on.

Landon couldn’t help but notice the people shooting glances at him as he walked along the street. What was their problem? Was he just that handsome? He flashed a large, bright smile at one of the ladies who glanced his way. She giggled before hurrying along with her friend. Yeah, that was what it was, they were just looking and marveling at his amazingness. He walked a little taller, with a little more swagger at that point, drawing attention to himself. There were a couple of things he hadn’t noticed before. Most of the other people on the streets didn’t have weapons like he did. Was that because they weren’t…what did The Guardians keep calling him?... Dreamers? No matter, at this time it seemed like he may actually be on his own to defeat the evil that was threatening the world.

The other observation he made was, people were primarily walking. There did seem to be cars and other modes of transportation, but it seemed like people opted to walk. He wondered why that was, which led him to wonder if he could have a car. It would be something for him to ask one of the Guardians later, perhaps Aisling. But with there not being many modes of transportation, he assumed that perhaps the world wasn’t as large as it appeared. He shook his head and continued down the street, stopped when he found a large bookstore. It was bigger than Landon had ever seen, it piqued his interest. “It would be a good idea to learn more about how to master these throwing knives,” he thought to himself as he pushed open the door, stepping inside. He was hit by the smell of coffee and cakes from the little café tucked away in the corner of the store. Landon wondered over and requested a cappuccino, which he was surprised to be told he didn’t have to pay for. It was his charm, he was sure, or maybe his new power of persuasion. But his thoughts were crushed when the barista informed him that as a Dreamer, he didn’t have to pay for anything. He thanked the young woman before leaving the café to browse the books.

His blue eyes scanned the titles as his free fingers dragged along them slowly, but nothing met his needs. Landon found someone who presumably worked there and asked where he may find a book on throwing knives. The young man seemed perplexed as though no one had ever asked where to find a book on weapons. He muttered a, “Thanks anyway,” as he left the boy to ponder. Landon made his way to the second floor, looking around slowly. He couldn’t help but notice anther patron in the bookstore not far from him who also possessed a weapon. What did they have? Butcher knives? That was an interesting choice, but maybe they had come across the weapon books.

Landon slowly approached the other Dream, clearing his throat as he approached from behind, as to not scare them. “Hey!” He said enthusiastically, “Have you by chance seen any books on weaponry?” Landon placed his charming smile on his face, hoping this would make him more approachable. “I only ask because I see you have weapons like I do and no one else here seems to know where any books on weapons would even be. I don’t know what it is about the place, people seem to be clueless about weapons unless they have one,” he pointed out with a shrug of his shoulders. “So, have you seen any books on weapons?” He questioned before taking a sip of his cappuccino.
Anatol had hardly gotten the same reaction that Landon had as they walked away from the Twilight Tower. The same people who gave glances Landon's way avoided Anatol's pale violet eyes. Mothers and fathers had squeezed their children close to them and those walking alone shied away. It wasn't that Anatol was horrific to look at or outwardly dangerous, but the aura they gave off was... threatening. 'Come too close and you'll see what I can do with these' their body language suggested. Their hands stayed close to the handles of their knives as they came to the bookstore. Not out of the urge to fight, but the desire to stay out of one.

As Anatol walked down the aisles and browsed the shelves of books, their path cleared. They weren't interrupted by clerks or employees looking to fill monthly quotas or trying to lend a helping hand. It was quiet in their area, save for the radio playing music on the speakers. As they wandered, they got a small stack of books in their arms. They weren't all for Sweet but most of the pile was. Anatol had crouched down in the history section, poking at the books on Belarus when they were approached by Landon.

The butcher picked up their books and slowly stood. They looked him over with a blank look on their face. They blinked slowly before deciding to respond. "No. Now go away." They waved their free hand at him. "Have things to do."


Dream Weavers
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His crystal blue eyes watched as they rose to their feet, a blank look on their face. For the first time, he got a look at the person that stood before him. There was something slightly off, as though they emitted an aurora of “Don’t talk to me. Stay away!” Landon’s perfectly groomed eyebrow rose slightly, questioningly as he locked eyes with this new Dreamer. He was taken aback by the reaction he received. No one shooed Landon away! He did the shooing! Landon sighed deeply before crossing his arms over his chest. “Listen,” he said throwing a smile on his lips and relaxing his posture ever so slightly, “You don’t have to be curt. It was a simple question,” he said lightly.

The bookstore, which he had missed the name of when coming in, was filled with a sound of other patrons. The low murmur of people looking for different books and order at the café. He looked up briefly, seeing another floor of rows and rows of books. Maybe there would be a book on throwing knives up there. He really had no idea or was on the verge of giving up on the hunt regardless. But first, he had to figure out this person’s deal. Why so standoffish? Landon’s interest was piqued.

Landon’s eyes traced over the books in they had gathered. The books didn’t look like they were necessarily suited for a person like Anatol. “What kind of things do you have to do anyway?” He asked turning his eyes back to Anatol. “Have you been here long?” He couldn’t help but wonder if they all arrived at the same time or different time. Speaking of time, how did that even work? It seemed similar to what he would go through in real life. That is, if this wasn’t real life. “Who are all the books for?” Landon asked, “They don’t really seem like they’d be up your ally,” noticing a pink one that looked to be more suitable for a…child? “Wait a minute…” he said softly to himself before locking eyes with Anatol, “Are those for Sweet Dream?!”
Anatol was unimpressed with the man in front of them. Their lips pulled down into a frown as they made direct eye contact with him. The lights above them washed Anatol out further and cast deep shadows across their face. They pushed their hair out of their eyes as they thought of what to say next. They had noticed the weapons this man had at his sides but compared to their butcher's knives he couldn't do much... Not at this close range. Anatol also most likely had an advantage on him... They had been with butcher's knives since they were ten years old. "No time for idiots.: They said simply.

The bookstore, Charleton, was known to be a family-friendly place. The ground floor had a large kids area where there would be events to get kids into reading. The second and third floors held more adult and teen-focused books. The cafe was a popular hangout area. It was large yet cozy.

As Anatol's haul was eyes over by Landon, the squeezed the stack closer. They bit back a growing growl in their throat as he questioned them further. Anatol hated nosy pricks like this man... They gripped the handle of one of their knives and pressed it to Landon's throat gently. Not enough to harm but enough for him to feel it. "Keep her name out of your filthy mouth." They hissed out. Their white cheeks and ears had turned a light pink at the mention of her. "She is to good for you, swine."


Dream Weavers
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Landon took notice of Anatol’s protectiveness over the books they had in their arms. Maybe he had hit a nerve, which didn’t appear to be a difficult task. He heard the slight growl as he continued to ask questions, but he pressed on. Before he knew it, there as a butcher’s knife against his throat, which only agitated him. Who did this person think they were?! He could feel his body stiffen, but was unsure if it was from fear or anger. Maybe it was his own doing for pressing so much, but he hadn’t meant for it to get this out of control.

His attention was pulled back to the individual in front of him. Ah, he had indeed hit a nerve at the mention of Sweet Dream. Landon took notice of Anatol’s cheeks turning a light pink. Did they like her or something? The girl was…well, a girl…sort of? It was hard to fathom someone having feelings for her. Landon never did ask any of The Guardians what age they were, but he deduced they had to be older than they looked, even Special Agent Aisling. Who knew how long they had all been around? But still, how could someone be interested in a being they probably knew little about?

Landon knew he couldn’t allow himself to get stuck in his thoughts and that he needed to take action. His arms had been crossed upon his chest, close enough for him to grab one of his blades. He just needed to wiggle it out of its holster and then he could make a move. Nightmare had taught him some defensive moves, so he could only hope this would work out. His fingers moved slowly as he started to inch the knife out little by little until, he could get a gasp of it.

“You like her, huh?” He said with a cocky smirk before pushing Anatol with all of his might. “I mean, she’s a cute kid and all, but I don’t know that I could see her as anything more,” he said moving to a defensive stance. “I’m Landon by the way, I didn’t get your name,” he said trying to be friendly, but remaining on guard. He was sure it wouldn’t be that easy to throw Anatol off and get them to just have a conversation. No matter, he’d get himself out of this one, just like all of the other times he found himself in trouble.
Landon was getting on many of Anatol's nerves. If they weren't in such a public place, and if Sweet Dream hadn't caught Anatol's eye, the idiotic man before them would have been dead before he could further his speech about Sweet Dream. The way he spoke of her irritated Anatol to no end. They wished he would just shut it.

They felt the man shift for his knives and let him fetch one out. They were pathetic little blades. Probably matched his penis size... Anatol pushed those thoughts away to focus on the pure, unbridled rage flowing through their veins. They hated working with others and this is why. People always got into business that wasn't theirs to get into and asked more questions than needed. Anatol hated talkers. They never knew when to shut up and listen.

At being shoved, Anatol took a few steps back. They had felt the man tense beneath their grip and let him shove them away. Anatol freed their other butcher's knife from its hilt and adjusted their position. It was a sloppy fighting stance but as long as they were faster than this link was, they would be fine. "I'll carve it onto your stomach, pig." They hissed out.


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“Who are you calling a pig,” He hissed, feeling his blood beginning to boil. Who did they think they were? Landon had asked a simple question and somehow it had all spiraled out of control. Ugh, what a mess this was, but it didn’t see like there was any backing out of this fight at this point. His eyes were trained onto the person before him, trying to decide his next move. Landon did have super speed after all. He could get behind Anatol and give him a swift stab, but not anywhere that would kill them. Maybe that would teach them a lesson, teach them not to mess with the one and only Landon Michael McKey!

He took a deep breath, getting himself ready for his next move. Before he could waste another moment thinking, he took a step forward, expecting to take off in a faster than lightly momentum. Instead, he looked like some anime character that had failed horribly at taking off, going nowhere as he took the step forward. He swore under his breath, his eyes turning toward his fellow Dreamer once more. He sighed heavily and went to speak.

“HEY!” Came the voice from down the aisle, “Wh…what are you doing?” The young girl squeaked in a nervous voice. “Y…you can’t use your weapons here,” she said, trying to exemplify some ounce of confidence. Landon looked at the young girl who stood at the edge of the aisle, adjusting himself and slipping his knife back in its place. He sighed and glared at Anatol briefly, “It’s not an issue,” he said while turning back to the girl, flashing a charming smile. The girl almost looked like she was going to fall over from relief as she shuffled away.

“Just forget it,” he muttered as he walked past Anatol, continuing to browse the books on throwing knives. “Hey,” he said suddenly, turning back toward Anatol, “She would probably like something on baking or jewelry making.” He paused, “Just a tip,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. He turned and continued looking through the books.
Anatol had been more than willing to gut this fucker where he stood. He was cocky and full of himself, the exact type of people Anatol hated more than the rest. It would be interesting to see this bitch squirm as Anatol made his muscles cramp and contort...

Their thoughts were cut off by the young girl squeaking at them. They sighed and tucked their weapons away, scooping up their books. They cradled them close, glaring at Landon. Any sudden moved and Anatol would rip his throat out, no questions asked. He'd be much more tolerable if he was silent... Anatol shook their head as Landon spoke to them and glared at him. They didn't care for his advice on what Sweet Dream may or may not like. They pushed past him and left the bookstore, heading back to the Twighlight Tower to give Sweet Dream the books they had picked out for her.


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As he browsed through the books, he was well aware that Anatol was still nearby. He could feel their eyes boring into him, which sent a shiver down his spine. Landon didn’t know why he was so interested in trying to help Anatol with Sweet. It was an odd combination to begin with, why should he help them? But there was something about Anatol that captured Landon’s attention. Maybe because they were so averse to interacting with him, which he saw as a challenge. Or maybe because they weren’t afraid of him and, as a matter of fact, ready to actually fight. Landon wasn’t sure, but he didn’t think he was ready to let Anatol out of his sight quite yet.

Landon shot a glance at Anatol as they moved closer to him. He averted his eyes before Anatol pushed past him. A low growl emitted from his throat as he turned to tell Anatol off, but they were already disappearing from the area. Landon picked up the books he had been looking at about knives before quickly following Anatol out the door. He watched Anatol walking down the road, tilting his head to the side, realizing Anatol was headed back to Twilight Tower. “Good luck!” He called out with a smirk before turning on his heel. He looked at the books, surprised that he had actually picked some up that would be useful to him. “To the forest I go, I guess,” he muttered to himself as he started making his way toward the Forest.