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A mother's gift

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The training with Nightmare had been invigorating. The clash of their swords and the adrenaline rush Gabriel felt was exhilarating. He had been trained before but never by a demon. It made him feel a little uneasy but it was worth it. Gabriel caught his breath as they stopped. He nodded at Nightmare's words and followed him. He held the sword closet his hips, his thumb rubbing the snake's head absentmindedly. There was something deeply familiar about the sword, but Gabriel had yet to place it. He would unravel it's mystery later.

As they approached Sweet's room, Gabriel wrinkled his nose at the sickly sweet smell of sugar. He had grown up with minimal sugary cakes and confectionaries as a child. He would have something on his birthday yes, but he never developed a strong sweet tooth. He nodded his head in thanks to Nightmare before opening the door to Sweet's room. He coughed and covered his nose with a hand, the scent of the desserts almost overwhelming him.

Gabriel inhaled and exhaled shallowly, trying not to overwhelm his system. He followed Sweet's lead and slowly sat down on a beanbag chair. He leaned forwards as she detailed the geography of Dream City. The Edge... He'd have to see it. Gabriel nodded as she spoke. A house could be nice as well.

Gabriel looked up at her offer of a medallion. His hand flew up to his chest where his mother's ashes rested. Another necklace would be nothing but...

He slowly pulled the necklace with her urn on it out from behind his shirt. It was a golden wing.

"I want something to honor her." His voice was thick. "My guardian angel."


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Sweet Dream

The Guardians
Sweet Dream looked up at the human who was much taller than her; though, it didn’t bother her one bit. She was used to it being around Nightmare and all. She was used to being the shortest one in the room, but still, she couldn’t help but notice his height. Nor could she ignore his facial expressions. “Does he not like sweets?!” She thought inwardly outraged by his reactions. But she never lost her composure as she went over everything that needed to be covered. Goodness knows that none of the other Guardians would go over the layout. The poor kid would have ended up lost and wandering into The Edge if he didn’t know his way around!

Though, she did start to wonder if she should even be mentioning The Edge to these humans. No matter! It was too late and she had already started to spread the word about the dangerous place. Of course, she emphasized its danger. She just hoped these Dreamers were listening and going to heed her words.

“I want something to honor her,” the voice startled her out of her own thoughts, “My guardian angel.” A sweet smile formed on her lips as she tried to withhold her excitement. What a sweet gesture! Perhaps she could forgive him for the faces he made previously. She nodded her head before jumping up and going to her work station. Sweet stood and thought for a moment as she let the idea of what the medallion would look like come to her. “Ah-ha!” She said aloud as she got to work. Sweet created a golden medallion with a beautiful angel engraved into it. The beautiful wings flowed to the angel’s sides, taking up a good portion of space. The angel had a look of love and calm, which made Sweet smile. Once finished, she bounded over to where Gabrielle was seated, reaching out her palm, offering it to him.

“I hope you like it,” Sweet said excitedly. She took a step back and smiled at her handy work. A huge smile appeared once more on her face, knowing there was more to the medallion than meets the eye, but she figured she would let be a little secret, at least for now. “Well, that’s all I have for you! It looks like you’ve met with all of the Guardians! CONGRATULATIONS!” She said as confetti started to fall from the ceiling in celebration. She giggled and clapped her hands before taking your hand in hers and pulling you gently toward the door.

“Now it’s time to go back to Agent Aisling to submit your paperwork. Don’t forget to write that you received a medallion!” Sweet showed you back to the door and pointed back down the hall you had originally come from. “Just follow the hall until you get back to the office. Let Agent Aisling know that you’re done with your paper work and then go have fun and explore! But remember,” she stopped, her face getting dark, “do not go to The Edge.” Sweet’s smile returned, “Come by any time!” She giggled before shutting her door behind you.

**At this time, return to your character sheet in The Office. Once complete, change your prefix to [Check] to indicate you have done all of your final editing.**​
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