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  1. LunarScorpio

    Entertainment Books to Movies

    Books being adapted into movies is not new at all. It’s something that happens and will continue happening as long as books are a thing, which I hope is forever. Either way, what do you think about the movies that are based off of books? Do you think the movie or the book is generally better or...
  2. LunarScorpio

    Video Games Among Us

    Okay, who's playing this game?! For those of you who have no idea what it is, Among Us is a multiplayer game on Steam and also there is a mobile version as well. The basic description from the app store is: Anyway, I technically haven't played yet, but I'm going to start playing soon. I plan...
  3. LunarScorpio

    Open "What the Fuck is That?!"

    How could he feel so exhausted and yet so restless at the same time? His free hand rubbed against his face as his shoes dragged along the dirt ground. Where in the Hell was he? Landon's blue eyes looked around, the setting sun blinding him briefly as it peaked between the trees. Remembering back...
  4. LunarScorpio

    Of the Month Awards!

    Starting August 1st, we will start having "of the month" awards! Meaning, you can nominate or be nominated for the following awards: Member of the Month Roleplay of the Month Media of the Month If you are the winner of one of these, you will awarded a trophy and get a special colored username...
  5. LunarScorpio

    General Do you believe in monogamy?

    Monogamy: mo·nog·a·my/məˈnäɡəmē/ noun the practice or state of being married to one person at a time. "Judaism has journeyed from polygamy to strict monogamy" The practice or state of having a sexual relationship with only one partner. "younger men were more likely to stray, saying monogamy...
  6. LunarScorpio

    Writing What Kind of Roleplays...

    What kind of roleplays are you into? What are your favorite genres and why do you like them? Let's chat about your favorite types of roleplays!
  7. LunarScorpio

    General Collections

    What kind of collections do you have? Do you collect figurines, coins or something else? How long have you been collecting and what got you into it in the first place? Let's talk collections!
  8. LunarScorpio

    Pure Ecstasy

    Landon had to admit, this Nightmare guy was tougher than anyone he had ever fought before. Not to mention, he was probably holding back. He was almost relieved he didn’t decide to pick a real fight with this guy. It may have been a little more difficult to fight and win, but Landon would never...
  9. LunarScorpio

    Ready to Fight

    An audible “psht,” escaped his lips as Proph described Nightmare. It sounded as though people were afraid of this guy, but why? He didn’t sound so scary to him; Landon could take whoever came at him. Why did he need to learn to fight anyway? He could take care of himself. Landon went to say such...
  10. LunarScorpio

    Entertainment Umbrella Academy

    Umbrella Academy is a show on Netflix. It focuses on six siblings who are also superheros. It's based off of the comic book series of the same name published by Dark Horse Comics. With season 2 on it's way to Netflix on July 31st, I thought it would be great to bring those of us together who...
  11. LunarScorpio

    General Photography

    Where are my fellow photographers? Photography, in my opinion, is an amazing hobby and career to have. It allows you to be artistic and see things from different angles that you may not notice from just looking around on an everyday basis. Not to mention, it's something that slows you down so...
  12. LunarScorpio

    "Why would I need abilities?"

    “I don’t think I…” He started, but she was already gone. “UGH!” He groaned loudly, causing an echo through the hall. Landon hated when people disappeared on him, it took him back to when he was a kid. He shook it off though and allowed his arms to fall to his side, his clipboard in hand. Landon...
  13. LunarScorpio

    Entertainment What Song Speaks to You?

    Music is an important aspect of people's lives, mine include. But have you ever listened to a song that means so much and you connect with that you feel like it speaks to you? The song that touches your heart and makes you feel the feels. What is that song for you and why is it so important? Do...
  14. LunarScorpio

    Accepted Landon Michael McKey

    Character Core: What is your character’s name? Landon Michael McKey What is your character’s gender identity? Cis Male What is your character’s sexuality? Heterosexual Does your character’s name have any meaning behind it? Nothing that he's aware of, but if there were some meaning behind it, he...
  15. LunarScorpio

    General Goals for the Immediate Future

    I was thinking about what my goals are for this weekend and decided, why not make it into a thread? So here I am! What are you goals? Not necessarily for far into the future, but more in the immediate future. For example, what are your goals for this weekend or this upcoming week? Do you have...
  16. LunarScorpio

    General Children

    It's a pretty simple, straightforward question. Do you have children and, if so, how many do you have? If you don't have them, would you like to? What led to you have children and what fun things are they up to?
  17. LunarScorpio

    General Disney Theme Parks

    IF you know me, you know that I LOVE Disney. It's truly surprising that my avatar isn't Disney related in all honesty, but sometimes you have to change things up. Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you have visited any of the Disney theme parks. There are several: Disney World (FL), Disneyland...
  18. LunarScorpio

    General How's the Weather?

    Let me just say, you're all lucky I didn't burst out into song because there is indeed a how's the weather song. Either way, how's the weather where you are?
  19. LunarScorpio


    As you have probably come to notice, we have trophies! I want to make them a little more special and custom from the generic ones that we currently have. So, I want to know what kind of trophies you a want to see! Share your ideas below!
  20. LunarScorpio

    Forum Software

    Hello all! As many of you may know, I am looking to switch forum software from MyBB to Xenforo. I'm hoping this will be happening within the next few days. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to SAVE YOUR WORK!! Whether you copy/paste everything you've done inside a Word doc or take a...


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