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  1. JoyFreak

    General Do you cycle?

    I used to own a really nice mountain bike but gave it to my little brother when I moved out a while ago. Now I kind of wish I had one especially during summer, it's the best time to cycle. How about you?
  2. JoyFreak

    Video Games Do you game in the day or night?

    What is your preference when gaming? Do you usually play in the night or day and why? I usually play in the evenings but it usually also depends on my mood.
  3. JoyFreak

    General What's your favorite alcohol?

    So myself, I love a good Rum. Sailor Jerry is the best one by far, love the vanilla kick to it. What's your favorite?
  4. JoyFreak

    JoyFreak theme and logo

    I own a gaming forums called JoyFreak which inspired me to create the theme it's using now and the logo as well as various other images. Tell me what you think please in the comments below!
  5. JoyFreak

    General Do you have a beach where you are?

    I'm quite lucky that I've got a beach here, where I live. I do visit in the summer, it's about a 5-10 minute walk. How about you? Do you have a beach where you are too?
  6. JoyFreak

    General Does anyone else get summertime sadness?

    Does anyone else get seasonal sadness? For me, it's in the summer. I feel like a lot of stuff are happening around me and I'm missing out all these things, be it an event, or social, travelling and such. I want to do it all!
  7. JoyFreak

    Entertainment Have you booked a holiday this year and had to cancel?

    I booked a holiday to Cyprus this year but had to cancel due to covid-19. How about you?
  8. JoyFreak

    General What kind of sports do you play?

    I love a bit of tennis, it keeps me fit and I play at my local tennis club. How about you?
  9. JoyFreak

    Ask JoyFreak

    Ask me anything but please be polite.
  10. JoyFreak

    Entertainment What are you listening to right now?

    The thread you always see on all forums. Post a link to the video here.
  11. JoyFreak

    JoyFreak here!

    Hello, I am JoyFreak aka Carbon. I found this forum on FP. I am a webmaster and owner of a gaming forum. I decided to sign up to this community because it looks absolutely beautiful and wanted to support it by doing so! I am also an avid gamer. Great job on the design guys! Hope I get a warm...


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