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    That Witcher show was pretty good!
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    General Goals for the Immediate Future

    Read more books
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    General Share something positive!

    Sea urchins wearing little hats! https://www.newsweek.com/sea-urchin-hats-saltwater-aquarium-cowboy-viking-top-hat-3d-printing-1500500
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    How's everything going?

    How's everything going?
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    Entertainment Books to Movies

    Generally speaking the books tend to be better than the movies that are based off of them. There's a lot of reasons for this but that aside I'll say one of my favorite adaptations that I thought also matched the book really well was No Country for Old Men
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    Hello everyone. It's been a while. Noticed the new theme!

    Hello everyone. It's been a while. Noticed the new theme!
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    Entertainment Last Movie You Watched

    Jurassic Park (again)
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    Good luck staying afloat!

    Good luck staying afloat!
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    Doing quite well thanks! Just starting the day actually. Yourself?

    Doing quite well thanks! Just starting the day actually. Yourself?
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    General Air Conditioning

    I prefer a fan but the AC can definitely become a necessity
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    Video Games Do you game in the day or night?

    The game I play the most is forum roleplay so if that counts then my answer is both :p
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    General What's your favorite alcohol?

    Am not much of a drinker but if it's a social event I'll have some sort of pale ale
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    Welcome aboard!
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    A map for center city

    Can’t wait to see it! I’m no good at drawing maps (or anything) either. I mostly used procgen assets and then do minor adjustments in Inkscape
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    New here

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    A map for center city

    Of course! There’s a neat little online tool which is meant for non-modern cities but which just a few edits on names and districts can easily be repurposed for nearly any game. I don’t know what all is planned but if it’d help I can post or send the link
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    Entertainment Last Movie You Watched

    Totally recommend it. I particularly like not just the fact of psychic abilities but how they’re treated in this work. This movie is done by the same person who did the new Haunting of Hill House series and previously the movie Oculus. Both are great, HOHH especially The one with the lion?
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    Writing What kind of roleplayer poster are you?

    I like threads that keep a pace of about 2-3 days max waiting for a post from any player I like to write between 150-300 words, sometimes more but not very often less I write most often in third but I like first too in terms of POV I set a bare minimum of 80 words Is there a scale?
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    Entertainment Have you booked a holiday this year and had to cancel?

    No but there was a concert we got tickets to that got cancelled / delayed which I was really looking forward to
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    Writing Thought Organization

    "The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory." I like to use my memory in the "use it or lose it" sense but there's so much going on that if there's something I want to make sure doesn't get lost in the noise, I make sure it gets recorded I use a spreadsheet to track roleplay...


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