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    The entrance creeks open as Derek enters the place. Right now, he wants to smoke. However, those aren't here and they may not help anyway. Plus, most libraries frown upon smoking in his time. He suspects that's a universal law of some sort. Hazel eyes scan over the place slowly. His long grey...
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    I am Dream. My character is Derek Walker. More about me: I am an avid role-player with 20 years experience in various mediums. I need the creative outlet due to everything happening out in the world. Plus, I have three to four days off. I do have free-time because of it. However, my schedule...
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    In Progress Derek Walker

    Character Core: What is your character’s name? Derek Walker What is your character’s gender identity? Male What is your character’s sexuality? Heterosexual Does your character’s name have any meaning behind it? None. Mom liked the name. Her brother (his Uncle) was going to be a Derek. At the...


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