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Search results

  1. Megan

    General Share something positive!

    Even if it’s cold snowflakes really are pretty.
  2. Megan

    General Goals for the Immediate Future

    For me I’d like to lose weight mostly for health reasons plus to feel better about myself. Other then that maybe read and write more.
  3. Megan

    Entertainment Books to Movies

    Most often I usually like the books more. Honestly, they seem to be hit or miss. Some movies I've found to be quite terrible. One that comes to mind is Beautiful Creatures. I was SO disappointed with it. Completely changed everything. I really was more hopeful for it. But there are some that...
  4. Megan

    General Share something positive!

    Rose are super pretty.
  5. Megan


    Hey there, welcome!
  6. Megan

    General How's the Weather?

    Sunny and warm.
  7. Megan

    General Share something positive!

    Squirrels are really cute.
  8. Megan

    General How's the Weather?

    Sunny and hot.
  9. Megan

    General Share something positive!

    The Little Mermaid has some really awesome songs. =3
  10. Megan

    General What are you afraid of?

    Hm interesting. We just use moth traps. We have these ones that attract them like crazy (they swarm over).
  11. Megan

    General How's the Weather?

    Kinda dreary out.
  12. Megan

    General Share something positive!

    Squirrels have been visiting their tiny picnic table!
  13. Megan

    General What are you afraid of?

    I guess you wouldn't like our house. XD We tend to get moths from the birds seed sometimes. My dog used to like to catch them.
  14. Megan

    Entertainment What Song Speaks to You?

    One for me is probably "Change" from Steven Universe. I just love the positive message, and I dunno, just feels good?
  15. Megan

    Ask Megan!

    Yes, I loved it honestly. I know not a lot of people did. But I liked how it followed the manga more. Plus really loved the new music.
  16. Megan

    General Do you believe in monogamy?

    I personally am for it. Always have. No particular reason really, just always preferred that.
  17. Megan

    General How's the Weather?

    Sunny and warm
  18. Megan

    General Share something positive!

    I got out of work early.
  19. Megan

    Entertainment Last Movie You Watched

    Lady and the Tramp (2019)
  20. Megan


    Well I barely worked today. Got sent home early. Quite honestly I didn’t care since I’m kinda grumpy. XD


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