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Recent content by Sweet Dream

  1. Sweet Dream

    Private Books and Bonding [Anatol & Sweet Dream]

    “Delightful!” Sweet Dream said gleefully as she clapped her hands together, a large smile sprawled across her face. “Oh, yeah,” as she thought for a moment, “You like cinnamon buns, right? That’s what you grabbed when you were in my Boutique if I remember correctly. And I do because I never...
  2. Sweet Dream

    Private Books and Bonding [Anatol & Sweet Dream]

    Her shoes clicked softly against the stone steps of Twilight Tower. Meeting with new humans could be exhausting, but quite pleasurable. She stretched her arms up toward the sky before letting them fall down by her sides once more. Sweet Dream conjured a small lollipop before skipping down the...
  3. Sweet Dream

    Pure Ecstasy

    Sweet Dream felt like everything was cleaned up and ready for the new Dreamer to arrive. She heard the door open and bound over quickly. A large smile was plastered across her face even though she could tell he was semi-disgusted. She would win him over; she was sure of it. Everyone loved Sweet...
  4. Sweet Dream

    Sweet on Sweet

    Sweet Dream looked at the person that stood before her. She wasn’t sure how to take this particular human, but they would be her best friend. She was determined! Sweet wondered if they thought she hadn’t noticed them swiping two cinnamon buns from the shelf. No matter, she was just surprised no...
  5. Sweet Dream

    When A Bard Meets A Girl

    Sweet Dream hummed to herself as she patiently waited for the Dreamer she had seen with Nightmare. She heard her door make a soft creak and dashed to the door, almost instantly appearing in front of it as it opened reviewing the human. This human interested her, there was something about him...
  6. Sweet Dream

    A mother's gift

    Sweet Dream looked up at the human who was much taller than her; though, it didn’t bother her one bit. She was used to it being around Nightmare and all. She was used to being the shortest one in the room, but still, she couldn’t help but notice his height. Nor could she ignore his facial...
  7. Sweet Dream

    "How bad could the place really be?"

    Sweet LOVED to have visitors! It took everything in her not to attack Violet as she opened the door. But it did seem like she took the young woman off-guard by standing right at the door. This made Sweet giggle slightly, but no matter, Violet would forgive her, she was sure of this. Sweet knew...
  8. Sweet Dream

    "I don't even like sweets that much, but.."

    Sweet was SO happy that George had decided to come and visit her. It took everything in her not to pull the sweaty… “Ew…why is she sweaty? Oh! I bet Nighty had her practicing,” she thought to herself, her sparkling blue eyes taking notice of the girl’s new weapons. The sweat did deter Sweet from...
  9. Sweet Dream

    Affliate with DCRPG

    Our Button: <a href="http://dreamcityrpg.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://dreamcityrpg.com/images/dreamcityrpg1.png" alt="Dream City RPG"></a> <a href="http://dreamcityrpg.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://dreamcityrpg.com/images/dreamcityrpg2.gif" alt="Dream City RPG"></a>
  10. Sweet Dream

    Welcome to Sweet Boutique!

    “You did okay today…for a human. Feel free to come by and train with me or anyone else you come across later. We’ll have you fighting in battles soon enough,” he said with a grunt. “Uh…you better go find Sweet. She may seem perky and nice, but you don’t want to make her angry. Come on,” he said...


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