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Recent content by Lord Saru

  1. Lord Saru

    General Cash or Card

    I prefer to use Google Pay. After the demonetization in India in 2017, GPay is now accepted in all the shops here in India, even by hawkers xD That saves us the hassle of taking cash with us as well as cards. Gpay is safer and gives you some cash back too.
  2. Lord Saru

    General Children

    I really live to have children. My marriage is set for 2 years from now with my girlfriend with whom I have been into 4 years if relationship. Having children is basically starting to have a new role and by extension, a new phase in your life. I am all excited and geared up.
  3. Lord Saru

    General Photography

    I absolutely agree with your contention that photography is a majestic hobby. With the advent of modern cameras, the lenses and their specifications and digitalization of the world, the track for photographers look bright. I am one of those people that enjoy gazing at the photo rather than...
  4. Lord Saru

    General Air Conditioning

    My home has 6 air conditioners. Its not really required during the most part of the year but you cant live without one during February to May end. By June, the sun goes down and we have rain during most part of the year. All of our ACs are split air conditioners with two of them working on...
  5. Lord Saru

    General Pictures of your pets!

    Thats the picture of my MILO. He is a pug and is two years old. He is the naughty guy of the town, eats only boneless meats and sleeps 18 hours a day xD
  6. Lord Saru

    Video Games Township

    Anyone here plays Township? Township is a game in which you need to do agriculture and cattle farming and make your own self sustaining township. There are certain mini-games and tournaments in between which helps us harvest more township coins. As a minor spin off, there is also a...
  7. Lord Saru

    Technology One World, One Sun.

    India has come up with this amazing program called One World, One Sun, On Grid, which I believe is a futuristic program. It seeks to connect all International Solar Alliance countries to join hands in creating a common grid through which energy derived from renewable sources will be taken from...
  8. Lord Saru


    Thanks both of you.
  9. Lord Saru

    Open One more time, with feeling.

    The message from Jessica was simple. Send the scroll to the Weasley household using an owl borrowed from the official owlery of the ministry of magic. Jessica was a good natured girl. Having lost her parents last year in a scuffle between the death eaters and some 'rogue' wizards, she has taken...
  10. Lord Saru


    Thanks everyone. Its an honor. I am going to sandbox roleplay. Lets see how it goes.
  11. Lord Saru


    Hello there, I am Dr Isaac. I work for the local hospital. In COVID times, things are stressfull here but otherwise we are a happy bunch of people. I have been into forums for quite some time..I believe for around 9 years. I love Harry Potter, Indian and world history, science and technology...