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Sweet Dream

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  • Sweet Dream
    Sweet Dream
    Age: 572 billion years old
    Height: 4'6"
    Weight: 70 lbs
    Fighting Style
    Abilities: Sweet Magic
    Weapon: Lollipop Hammer

    The youngest Guardian goes by the name of Sweet Dream, or Sweet. She identifies as female and utilizes feminine pronouns. Sweet’s name comes from a combination of her sweet disposition and her job of creating sweet dreams for humans all over the world. No one is quite sure where she came from, but it is assumed that she is another one of Morpheus’ children; though, she has not met him. Though Sweet is the youngest, her age is still around 572 billion years old, give or take. She is also the shortest and takes the form of a little girl in a pink frilly dress, often seen with a lollipop of some sort. Sweet is on the paler side, which leads to the brightness of her blue eyes. Her pink hair ranges in length, but is often put up in some sort of bun atop of her head, tied with yellow ribbons.

    Her closest relationships are with the other Guardians; though, it’s arguable that she is closest with Nightmare despite how much they fight. Though, she has a special place in her heart for Proph and Agent Aisling. She is not involved in anyone romantically and, honestly, doesn’t often think about it. She’s generally busy making delicious desserts or jewelry, her two favorite hobbies. Sweet is the most optimistic and fun of all of The Guardians; however, she should not be crossed as she has a short temper that can come out of nowhere. She holds her family and friends close to her and will do whatever it takes to protect them. Sweet is a confident and bubbly individual, she knows what she is confident even if others do not.

    Sweet does not appear to be the smartest of The Guardians considering the age she looks. She certainly isn’t as intelligent as Proph; however, this does not mean she’s stupid by any means. She has her own set of intellectual abilities. She is an observer and takes in everything around her. In a fight, she doesn’t seem like she would be much, but she has some tricks up her sleeve that no one truly knows about, except for a certain few, including the other Guardians. But it’s questionable if she has ever used her powers to their fullest extent. Just watch out if she brings out her large lollipop hammer, you may as well try to run at that point.

    Despite her strengths, Sweet does have her own weaknesses. She isn’t the strongest of people and often relies on her abilities in battle. Some would also claim her love for others can prove to be a weakness, often putting herself in harm's way to save others. Regardless, she can often take care of herself and do so with a bright, sweet smile.


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