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Dream City Quick Start Guide

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  • So, you’ve decided to join the Dream City RPG? FANTASTIC! We’re happy to have you! This is a quick, crash-course as to how to get started!

    • Before you even post, start thinking about what type of character you want. Your character must be human, but other than that, you have free reign. They can look and act however you want, be whatever age, sexual orientation or gender that you want. We are LGBTQI+ friendly here at Dream City.
    • Now that you’ve got a character in mind, make your way to the Dream City forum (the 2nd one down) and click on Twilight Tower.
    • In Twilight Tower, you’ll be able to see the latest happenings in Dream City News. You’ll want to keep an eye on this forum for news and announcements.

    Let’s Begin:
    • To get started with joining the roleplay, go to The Office.
    • Read the thread Entering Dream City. This will give you a backstory as to how you have come to Dream City.
    • After you’ve read the post, copy the given character sheet code and make your way back to The Office (you can click the back button). Here, you will start a NEW thread. You can find instructions on how to start a thread in The Guidebook.

    Your Character:
    • In your new thread, paste the character sheet.
    • Start filling it out. May I suggest creating a Word document or the like. Just in case something happens and your character sheet on the forum doesn’t save for some reason.
      • Please Note: There are sections of your character sheet you will not fill out right away. They are marked and all grouped together. Under Character Skills, you will not fill out either Ability, Weapon or Medallion, you will need to interact with The Guardians before filling these out.
    • As you work on your character sheet, you will want to use the In Progress prefix, which is found right next to the title/your character’s name.
    • Once you’ve completed your character sheet (aside from the areas mentioned above), you’re ready to interact.

    Meet the Guardians:
    • First, head over to The Library to meet with Prophetic Dream. Read his intro and then start a new thread where you will interact with Proph and determine your abilities. Once you've completed your interactions with Proph, add your abilities to your character sheet.
    • Go over to The War Room to determine what weapon you'll utilize. Read Nightmare's intro and then start a new thread where you interact with him to get your weapon and start your training. Go back and add your weapon to your character sheet.
      • A note about Abilities and Weapons: We are pretty flexible with what you request; however, do not pick anything that will make you see “all powerful.” Meaning, you will not be invincible, you can’t ask to never be injured or that your powers will never run out, etc. This may be a dream world, but there are still limitations. You can pick whatever weapon you want.
    • Finally, wonder over to The Sweet Boutique to obtain your medallion from Sweet. Go back to your character sheet and add your pendant to your sheet.
    • Once you've finished your character sheet, change your prefix to [Check] to indicate to an Admin or Mod that you're finished.

    An Admin or Mod will read over your character sheet and change your thread prefix to either [Approved] or [Attention]. If marked with [Attention], there will be a post made detailing what changes need to be made. If marked with [Approved], you are free to immerse yourself into the Dream City roleplay!

    Getting Involved:

    There are a couple of ways to get involved in a roleplay.
    • If you’re looking for someone to roleplay, you may first want to check the Dream Analysis forum. Here, people (you included!) can post a thread requesting a roleplay. Simply post your thread or your reply, plot out your roleplay (i.e. where it’s going to be located, what will happen, where you’ll go next—especially if you’re going together) and then get started.
    • You may join a pre-existing roleplay, or Open, roleplay. These are marked with the Open prefix and are found throughout the different areas of Dream City and its Outskirts. Alternatively, you can also start your own Open thread and wait for someone to join. It is suggested that before you join, you send a PM to the thread owner.
    • Finally, you can also roleplay with a Guardian or request one to join your roleplay by posting in the Guardian RP Request thread.

    Okay, that’s it! Go roleplay! If you need roleplay tips or advice on how to get started, make sure to check out the Roleplaying 101 Guide.


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