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Prophetic Dream

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  • Prophetic Dream
    Prophetic Dream
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Fighting Style
    Abilities: Knowledge, able to grant abilities, some unknown magic
    Weapon: Tall Ancient Wooden Staff

    Prophetic Dream, also known as “Proph,” is the eldest and wisest of all of those that dwell in Dream City, but never ask how old he is, for even he does not know for sure anymore. He identifies as male and utilizing masculine pronouns. His name comes from the concept of prophetic dreams in which you have an experience that has yet to happen. He is the teller of the future, often getting visions of what’s to come. To his knowledge, he does not have traditional parents. Proph was an apprentice of the God of Dreams, Morpheus, who could be seen as a father figure. Morpheus taught Proph the ins and outs of creating and foreseeing that which deals with dreams. Because of his training with Morpheus, Proph was able to create Dream City, which is meant to be a gathering place for dreaming humans if they so choose. It is the epicenter for the Dreamers who are being summoned to help battle the forces of evil.

    All of those who meet Proph recognize him as being a thin, elderly man with grey hair, and dull blue eyes that seem to have a twinkle of something behind them. He is only ever seen wearing royal blue robes with dark red accents and a matching wizard’s hat. You will see him walking with a staff; however, it is not to help with his balance, instead it is his chosen weapon.

    Proph has the powers to predict the future, much like his namesake; however, he is unable to control it to a fuller extent and will often be hit by them out of nowhere. He also has the ability to conjure an energy force that can be utilized for attacks or shielding. To aid the Dreamers, he is able to grant them their own abilities. Proph is also prolific at fighting with his staff, which is thought to have its own unknown abilities. Despite his own abilities it would be impossible for him to fight on his own, even with the aid of the other Guardians. As frail as Proph seems, don’t underestimate him, he is able to fight with the best of them.

    Prophetic Dream has no romantic relationships or interests, unless you count his love of books. His immediate family would consist of the other Guardians, as he does not know where he comes from. They are who is closest to him and he would not have it any other way. Those who have met him describe him as intellectual, deep, optimistic and even fun (according to Sweet); however, he can be intense and sometimes can come across as aloof—especially if he’s reading or in deep thought. Despite his many abilities and strengths, Proph does have his own weaknesses such as trusting too easily. He has been made aware of this, but it still does not stop him trusting most others, until they prove that they should not be. It is probably his greatest weakness. But his greatest strength is those whom he surrounds himself with.


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