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  • Nightmare
    Age: 1 billion, 148 million year old
    Height: 7'5"
    Weight: 325 lbs
    Fighting Style
    Abilities: Enhanced Fighting Abilities
    Weapon: Too Many to List
    Nightmare, the “middle child,” of The Guardians. His origin is much like Sweet Dream’s in that his name is based off of his personality and his job of giving nightmares to the humans. He is also a supposed child of Morpheus; though, they have not had the pleasure of meeting, to Nightmare’s knowledge at least. Nightmare, though a demon, identifies as male and utilizes masculine pronouns. He is the largest in terms of height and weight of all of The Guardians, which add to his intimidating appearance. He has a dark purple, almost black complexion with bright red eyes that only become brighter when his anger has flared. Nightmare is generally clad in a light armor of dark reds, gold, black and white. His most intimidating feature, however, is the large wings on his back. They are approximately the length of his body, give a few inches or so.

    He is not in any sort of romantic relationship, nor does he desire to be in any. Nightmare’s family consists of the other Guardians and his only friends consisted of his minions; however, that has become a strained relationship after being overthrown. This has left him more bitter and angry than he previously was. Nightmare has a difficult personality. He is often seen with an angered or annoyed look on his face, it’s rare to see him genuinely smile. He has a tough exterior and is difficult to get to know as he is so guarded. It can be assumed that he is most likely in a bad mood when you come across him and is quick to anger. Though, don’t let this rough exterior full you, he does have a softer side, which is often reserved for those closest to him. Though he is the most confident in the group, he is also the most pessimistic.

    Nightmare is not the smartest of The Guardians, often wanting to solve problems by fighting rather than utilizing logical or emotional intelligence. He is often the most skilled in combat, hence he is the one to provide the Dreamers with their weapons and train them in combat. His knowledge of different weapons seems to go on forever. He has watched as they have changed and developed over the years; though, he still chooses to fight primarily with a broadsword. It’s not just any sword, however, it is enchanted and said to never be able to break.

    Though Nightmare is the strongest, largest and, arguably, the toughest Guardian he does have a soft spot for those who he cares about. His emotions can get in his way at times; though, he does everything in his power to not allow this to happen. His inability to express himself emotionally on a consistent basis can also be seen as one of his weaknesses, it often leads to him losing his temper. In terms of magical abilities, he is also not the strongest, but what he lacks there, he makes up for in his superior combat abilities.


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