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The Guardians

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    The Dream City Guardians are the protectors of the Dream World as a whole. Each with their own special abilities and fighting capabilities. Prophetic Dream, Nightmare and Sweet Dream have been a dynamic trio for several million years. It is said that they were created by Morpheous in order to help control and manage the Dream World as it began to fill with humans and other beings. First Prophetic was created, no one knows exactly when, but he has been Morepheous’ apprentice. He requested help as the population continued to grow, which brought Nightmare, followed by Sweet, but they had no structure, which led to countless fights. That is, until Special Agent Felicity Aisling appeared. How, is still unknown. It was Agent Aisling who determined both Nightmare and Sweet Dream needed their own space, thus leading Nightmare to controlling nightmares and Sweet controlling happy dreams. But there is more to learn about each individual Guardian.