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    What is your site rating?

    We use the RPG-Rating of 3/3/3. This board would be rated R if it were a movie. It may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements. We do ask, however, that if your roleplay contains sexual scenes that you, please don’t make that your whole roleplay. Add some context to it, otherwise it’s just cybering, which won’t be permitted here.


    What species can I play?

    At this time, we are only permitting human characters. This is not to say that they cannot obtain the ability to shapeshift or the like from Prophetic Dream.

    Can a character be in multiple threads at once?

    Dream City RPG permits you to have your character in multiple threads at a time. Considering we operate on liquid time, which means time will vary depending on when you post, your character could be in several different threads at a time that are not happening concurrently.

    How many characters can I have?

    There is no cap or limit to how many characters you may have; however, it suggested to only make as many characters as you can keep up with. Though there are no activity checks, it’s only fair to your roleplay partner(s) that you keep up with posting on a consistent basis.

    Do I need to fill out a character sheet?

    Yes and no. If you are participating in the Dream City Roleplay, then yes, you need to fill out the character sheet to participate. This is an interactive character sheet, in which you need to roleplay to obtain your abilities, weapon and medallion. Outside of the Dream City Roleplay, you do not necessarily need to make character sheets. This is held at the discretion of you and your part or the creator of the group roleplay you are participating in.


    What is the word limit?

    We do not require people to meet a minimum word count when replying to roleplays; though, we do ask that you provide enough information and details that your partner(s) are able to reply, or have something to work with. Furthermore, there is not a maximum word count and you don’t have to worry about getting cut off once you hit a specific word count. Write until your heart's content!

    Do you have activity checks?

    At Dream City RPG, we do not have activity checks at this time. We understand that life can get busy and you may get pulled away from your roleplays. We just ask, if you are no longer going to participate or need to step away, that you let us know so that we can archive your character. This is also out of respect for your roleplay partner(s) to let them know if you will no longer be continuing.

    Open vs Private Roleplays?

    If a roleplay has the “Open” prefix, it means that whoever would like to join, can join. You may first want to contact the original poster before jumping in, in the case that someone else may have already been planning on joining. There may or may not be a plotting thread for the roleplay as well to look into before joining.

    If a roleplay is marked as “Private,” that means you cannot jump into the roleplay. Most of the time, these threads already have all the players that are needed, whether it’s two or twenty. If you are interested in joining, the author(s) may or may not be open to that, but you will have to contact them. But do not get upset if they decline to have you become

    How do I close/finalize a roleplay?

    If you and your partner(s) have completed your roleplay, use the thread prefix “Completed” to indicate it is completed so that it can be locked.

    How does time work?

    Dream City RPG operates on a mixture of real time and what is called “Liquid Time.” If you make a thread on June 14th, then the thread is taking place on June 14th. Dates are more important to most players than time of day. Unless otherwise specifically stated (i.e. fore- and backdating), it will be assumed that roleplays are taking place the same day as its original post.

    If you would like to do foredating and/or backdating, simply state so in the original first post. Foredating is “roleplaying in the future” while backdating is “roleplay in the past.” Try not to roleplay more than one month ahead or behind the present date. It could make things too complicated and cause irregularities that are difficult to ignore.

    What time zone do events and challenges run in?

    This site operates off of eastern standard time.


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