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Special Agent Felicity Aisling

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  • Special Agent Felicity Aisling
    Age: 35 (ish)
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Fighting Style
    Abilities: Agile, Intelligent, Organized
    Weapon: Two 9mm Sig Sauer P226
    Special Agent Felicity Aisling, the only Guardian that was not fathered, or created, by Morpheus. She is a human; though, at this point, that is somewhat questionable considering how long she has been in Dream City. Her name originally comes from her great grandmother and is of Latin descent. Agent Aisling identifies as female and utilizes feminine pronouns. Her Mother and Father were divorced when she was young, but they were both involved in her life. She looks like a typical special agent from the FBI, adorned with a business suite and a pair of black flats and a holster around her waist that holds her gun. She stands at approximately 5’7” with brown curly hair and brown eyes. She often looks as though she is in deep thought, on the verge of figuring out her next move.

    She had been involved in romantic relationships prior to arriving in Dream City; however, those have long since ended. Those closest to her are her family, her best friend since kindergarten and, of course, The Guardians. Agent Aisling is a kind and gentle sort, but also strict and by the book. She tries to be optimistic, but is more of a realist. When she first arrived in Dream City, she was skeptical about what was going on, but soon understood the severity of fighting between Nightmare and Sweet Dream. Her analytic abilities helped to see the problems between the two and determined a way that both could be happy.

    Agent Aisling’s arrival to Dream City was, at first, a mystery. But Proph believes it was Morpheus her brought her into the Dream World to be an assistant of sorts and to keep everyone in line and on task. Her organizational abilities and intelligence have led to several improvements to how The Guardians ran things and the development of Dream City. She has become quite fond of The Guardians over the years, each special to her in some way. She can often be found spending time with each of them. Reading and studying with Proph, weapons training with Nightmare and tea parties with Sweet.

    Because of her training in the FBI, she is efficient in combat and weaponry; though, not nearly as much as Nightmare. Though, she does have him on agility, at least on land. She is often seen with her gun that she was given when she first graduated from the academy. Agent Aisling refuses to allow Proph to give her special abilities like he has given the Dreamers and would rather rely on her own abilities; though, he may have cast a few on her without her knowing. She is a stubborn individual, which often gets her into trouble, not willing to back down without a fight.


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