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  • Welcome to Dream City
    Live Your Dreams

    Dream City isn’t your regular city…far from it. Yes, there are shops, restaurants, spas and more, just like other cities. However, it is the city of your dreams where anything can happen. Own your dream bar that’s packed every night, buy the expensive clothes you wouldn’t be able to while you’re awake, or own your luxury dream home. Anything in possible in Dream City. But there’s an evil that’s lurking and threatening everyone’s lives both in sleep and wake.

    You, Dreamer, have to save the world.

    In Twilight Tower, you will meet the Four Guardians of Dream City and the entirety of the Dream World: Prophetic Dream, Nightmare, Sweet Dream and Special Agent Felicity Aisling. Together, you will gain magical abilities and learn to fight alongside your fellow Dreamers.

    Will you take on the challenge of saving Dream City and the real world?


    Who we are:

    Dream City is a modern fantasy roleplay with a diverse group of characters. Consisting of players from all walks of life, we welcome everyone with open arms. Dream City takes place in the modern, current time period in a section of the Dream World where danger lurks in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. We offer a safe, diverse and overall comfortable roleplaying space where players can post at their own place, plot as much as they’d like and make their dreams come true.

    Created by LunarScorpio in October 2019, it has started out as a small community that is slowly growing on a daily basis. We are LGBTQI+ friendly and welcome all who wish to join despite their experience level.

    The Guidebook:

    Need a helping hand getting started? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Whether you need to find out how to change your avatar or want to create a character and join the Dream City RP, this Guidebook will show you the way. And when in doubt, you can always ask a staff member aka The Dream Team.